Monday, October 29, 2012

{Day 29} Sign Up for a Race

{Day 29}

New here? Make sure to check out day 1  and my introduction to my 
31 day of Health and Exercise series for the month of October
Thank you for reading and coming along with journey with me
I hope to inspire and motivate you through this series  

 Today I am going to talk about and encourage you 
to sign up for a race 

Benefits of Signing up for an organized Race:

#1. Run for a Cause or event 
Many races have a cause that the money is going toward
or an event that the money is going toward the entertainment afterwards
I haven't ran a 5k for a cause yet but really want to in the future 
I did just run the Running Scared 5k in Herriman Utah 
and the money went toward entertainment, face painting
games and treats for the kids afterwards    

#2. Shape and define your legs
Runners tend to have nice legs, usually toned and muscular 
training for a 5k can help you to develop your own pair of lean legs  

#3. Tone your stomachs 
 Running is a great way to flatten your abs 

#4. Run with friends or make new friends
 Running a race with a friend is great for support, great for conversation
motivation and just fun You can also make new friends while running a race
You already have running in common with them :)
#5. Starts a habit
 There is something called a runner high and it is very real
  Racing is addicting!  
The more you do it, the more endorphins are released, 
which will make for an awesome feeling after running
 Common symptoms are euphoria, good mood, suppressed appetite, and more
After running a few 5ks you can then work your way up to a 10k 
and if you really like it a half marathon and maybe even a marathon one day
My lifetime goal is to run a marathon
I was training for a half marathon twice but then got pregnant so 
I will have to work my way up to those miles again 
but working my way up with each race I do
#6. They are FUN   
 And the last benefit to running a race is they can be soooo much fun
especially if you have the right attitude about it 

Like I said earlier in the post I just ran the Running Scared 5k this last weekend 
in Herriman Utah and it was a blast
 as you can tell from the name it was a Halloween theme
They encouraged you to dress up so that is exactly what I did 
and everyone else there were some really fun costumes 
and it was pretty hilarious seeing tiger, the joker, or the power rangers running a 5k 
I went as barbie from Toy Story 3 
I will show you a better pic of the costume in another post 
But of course I wasn't going to be able to run in the high heels I will be wearing on Halloween 
and I wore a jacket because it was freezing 

The picture above is me and the rest of the crew at the starting line ready for the race to start

 Finishing up the race

 Tired after crossing the finish line
I didn't really train for this since I just had my little Holden
I ran like twice at the gym before this 
so considering that I think I did pretty good
and it for sure got me wanting to get back into the love of running
The cold air killed my lunges though I am used to running inside 

 My metal for finishing 
It is a cute skeleton that says running scared on it 

 My support team
My sweet little boys plus my hubby
As I was finishing maddux was saying "go mommy go mommy"
It was so cute 
I will be bringing him to all my future races 
Make me want to do better with his little voice cheering me on 

The Results:

 Overall I got 42nd out of 165 participants 
That is everyone running the 5k male and female all age groups

 Then when I first checked the results I was first place 
in the 20-24 age group
Woohoo, oh wait I am 26
So even though I would love to claim that first place
I was honest and went and told them I am in the wrong age group

So they fixed it and I ended up getting 4th out of 27th in my real 
age group of 25-29 year old females
Can't complain about that especially since I just had a baby 2 months
ago and didn't train I felt like I was gonna die 
part of the due to the cold burning my lungs and me not training 
but I reached my goal of running the whole thing without stopping
and ended up doing pretty good 
I finished at 29:06 min

 3rd place on the podium because the girl who placed all around 
didn't place again on the age group 
so even though I technically got 4th I got 3rd for the awards
woop woop

 My participant T-shirt
haha I am a sucker for a free night shirt/lazy day shirt what can I say
and it is really comfy 
You will feel so accomplished and proud of yourself after you complete
your race no matter the distance of it
It is a great Feeling
so go look up a race you can sign up for, sign up and start your training
You will be so happy you did  

 Come back tomorrow for another Health and Exercise Tip
And make sure to check out the previous posts of this series HERE
You don't want to miss anything :)


  1. Hooray!!! Good job!! I just ran my first 5K and now I'm HOOKED!! Training was so much easier when I knew I had a goal andddd now I'm completely addicted. Runners high IS real.

    It also helps when you're running an actual race because then you're not focused on the distance. I got completely distracted during my race and couldn't believe how quickly I reached the finish line.

  2. AWESOME Whit!!! I'm so not into running, so anyone who runs these kinds of races is a star in my book! Plus you did great! AND you just had a baby!!! Way to go!!!



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