Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{Day 30} No Excuses

{Day 30}

New here? Make sure to check out day 1  and my introduction to my 
31 day of Health and Exercise series for the month of October
Thank you for reading and coming along with journey with me
I hope to inspire and motivate you through this series  

 Today I am going to talk about losing the excuses and just getting out there 
and commuting to your health 

 Why aren't you exercising?
Why aren't you eating healthy?
What is your excuse?
Because it you are not committing your life to be healthy 
it is all just excuses
so what is yours?

 No more excuses!

If you don't have time...Make time, wake up early, go at night
work out at home when the kids nap, find the time because this is important 
and needs to be a priority so if you have to write it in your calendar
schedule it and make sure to keep your appointment 

 If you don't have the money...
Check out free DVDs from the library, go for a run or walk outside
or just workout at home I have given you some at home workouts 
and pinterest is another good place to find some things to do at home or outside and 
for free

 If you feel too embarrassed or intimidated to go to the gym with all the gym rats:
work out at home, go to a structured class, or go with a friend or partner 
this will make you feel more comfortable and confident 

If you just don't like it....Find something active that you enjoy
place a sport, run, hike, zumba 
whatever it is make sure you are doing something you enjoy
you are more likely to commit to it if you like doing it 

Commit to be fit!
No more excuses!
Just go!
You can do this!
be stronger than your excuses    
Be happy and healthy!
 Come back tomorrow for another Health and Exercise Tip
And make sure to check out the previous posts of this series HERE
You don't want to miss anything :)

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