Sunday, October 7, 2012

{Day 7} Chocolate Protein Smoothie

{Day 7}

New here? Make sure to check out day 1  and my introduction to my
31 day of Health and Exercise series for the month of October
Thank you for reading and coming along with journey with me
I hope to inspire and motivate you through this series 

Today I am going to be sharing with you a healthy smoothie recipe 
It is important to keep our bodies fueled before and after workouts
This is a great one to enjoy after a workout packed full of protein 
to help you build those muscles you are working so hard for 

I love smoothies 
They are my favorite thing to have for breakfast
I have an egg and a smoothie 
so I am always on the look out for a good one
with lots of protein in it
I found this Peanut butter Smoothie HERE

Vanilla Greek Yogurt- 6 oz container
Banana- 1/2 frozen
(just cut a banana into slices put in a zip lock
baggie and Freeze
the take out and put in blender frozen)
Peanut butter- 2 TBSP
Skim Milk- 1 cup
(you can also use Almond milk
but I used skim because it was the same
amount of calories but more protein)

Blend them all together 
and viola 

Greek Yogurt- 160 Cal   17g Protein
1/2 banana- 45 Cal   1g Protein
Peanut Butter- 180 Cal   7g Protein
Skim Milk- 90 Cal   8g Protein

Total- 475 Cal   33g Protein
But this makes 2 glasses 
I drink one glass
and save the other in the fridge
or hubby has it

so for one glass 
(and it is super filling so you only need one glass)
 Total- 238 Cal   17g protein

 This is yummy for breakfast, a snack or a dessert
I challenge you to make this 
You will love it 

 Come back tomorrow for another Health and Exercise Tip 
 And make sure to check out the previous posts of this series HERE
You don't want to miss anything :)

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  1. Yummy!!! I will have to try this later:) Thanks for sharing!



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