Friday, November 30, 2012

Envelope Advent Calendar

 I love the month of December
The joy it brings, the family time, Christmas 
and all of the activities that lead up to the big day

I have loved counting down to Christmas since I was a little kid
and grew up with always having some sort of advent count down 
in my home from putting things, up to taking them down, to getting a treat each day
 so of course I have been wanting to make my own especially
 since I have a family of my own now 

I came up with this fun idea 
of using Library log envelopes and having some sort of Christmas
activity to do each day until Christmas 
with also a little treat inside 

The Supplies:

-25 Library envelopes (I got mine from my mom 
but they have them at teacher supply stores)
-Scrapbook paper (mixed colors and patterns)
-distress ink
-mod podge
-glue stick
- 25 mini clothes pins
-Any embellishments you choose 
I used bingo numbers, washi tape, bells, and bakers twine

How to make it:

 First I got this super cute paper the company is Snap and I got it from
 the wood connection here in Salt lake 
and it had numbers 1-25 in these cute different colored and designed squares 
so I cute each square out 
and distressed around the edges with my ink 
You can skip this step but I love the way it looks 

 Next I cut out the patterned scrap book paper and I cut out 
different colors and patterns until I got 25
I wanted these to be just slightly smaller than the envelopes 
so I cut them 3 1/4 inches by 3 1/2 inches

Then I distressed these bad boys too 

Next I cut out 25 more patterned paper rectangles to fit into the envelopes 
for the activities to be glued onto 
I cut them 3 1/4 by 4 1/4 inches 
and distressed them of course
you know the routine :)

 After distressing both the scrap book paper and the number square 
I let them dry for a little bit
then I glues each of the numbers onto a patterned paper
and then I went over them with mod podge 
because the ink was rubbing off so this way the ink stayed on and 
didn't get all over everything or smudge 

After the mod podge was dry I glued each number and patterned paper
combo onto an envelope and started embellishing them
I used bakers twine, bingo numbers, stamps, washi tape
 and bells making each a little different 

Then I got my calendar and put my thinking cap on 
got with my hubby and we made a list of activities we wanted to 
do this month in the spirit of Christmas 
I typed them up and printed them off onto card stock
I have a list of the ideas that I used for this month on the bottom of the post

I cut them into 2 by 2 inch squares
distressed them of course mod podged over them 
and glued them onto  the bigger patterned paper to go into the envelopes 

 After they were dry I put each activity on the days that we would be 
doing them and the hung them up on the wall
with twine, nails, washi tape (for look) and hung each envelope up 
with the little baby clothes pins 

 After it was all hung up I felt  like it still needed a little something
so I cut out some vinyl to say
Count down to Christmas 
and put it up on my wall in the empty space
I feel like that finished it off nicely 

 Now starting tomorrow, the first, and each day after
we will have Maddux pull out the card
 to tell up what activity we are doing that day 
we will do the activity some time that day and there will be a treat for that day as well

 I love how it turned out
It was fun to make 
It will be fun for our family to do the activities together
and it is a fun piece of decor 

My list of Activity Ideas:
-Go to See the zoo lights
-Write a Letter to Santa
-Decorate the Tree
-Make and Decorate sugar cookies
-Read a Christmas story book
-Watch a Christmas movie
-Listen and dance to Christmas music
-Do a Christmas craft
-Enjoy neighborhood Christmas lights
-Hot chocolate and donuts
-Wrap the gifts
-Send out Christmas cards
-Visit Santa
-Deliver neighbor treats
-The Polar Express Experience
-Make Grandmas and Grandpas a card
-Ward Christmas party
-Christmas sing along
-Lesson on the real meaning of Christmas
-Peppermint ice cream
-Donate a toy to a child In need  or
Donate to KSLs Quarters for Christmas
-Go to the Temple Square lights
-Do a Nativity Scene
-Do a random Act of service
-Christmas Celebration!!!

My advent Calendar is link up HERE:

Get excited because Monday Dec 10th is the big day for the start of the

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    1. I linked up thank you for letting me know about the party and for commenting

  2. This is darling Whit!! Great calendar!

  3. That's adorable Whit! You're a craft machine!

  4. Very cute Advent calendar...I love the fact that each day is an activity instead of a just a treat...makes for some memorable quality time!

  5. I love your countdown! The paper, the numbers, the distressing, the way you hung it up and added the vinyl, it's all perfect! I'm sure your little ones will love it. :)

  6. This is great. You are very creative. visiting from craft o maniac

  7. Awesome tutorial! I'm so glad to be your newest follower, I love your blog!


  8. I love your countdown Whit!! What a cute way of doing it. I love that you have something to do everyday! Thanks for linking this up to Thursday's Temptation. I am featuring it tonight on the blog!



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