Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Today I want to introduce you to another blog that I am apart of 
There are four of us: Hailey, Kati, Me and Tiff 
and we are moms 

We all went to high school together
 You wouldn't have known it though, because we didn't really hang out together
Fast forward a few years later and Facebook brought us all together
 After chatting a bunch we realized we all have the same frustrations,
  joys and experiences  with motherhood, husbands, fashion, etc. 
And we thought surely other moms must feel the same way, 
so we decided to make this blog dedicated to moms just like us
  For us motherhood is amazing, we like to craft, and cook occasionally,
 but our life is also messy, dirty, crazy, loud, and beautiful 
 We love sharing the beauty in pictures of our spotless houses, perfect hair, 
and gorgeous wardrobe, but those days are few and far between
 On the Undone blog, you will see what motherhood REALLY looks like
 Uncut, raw, messy, and wonderful motherhood
On our blog you will find 4 main categories 

Our Roll Call posts are up every Monday
Once a week one of us will randomly send out a roll call text to the 
other undone ladies and when you get the text you have to take 
A picture of you and your outfit at that very moment
This way we get real mom fashion
What we look like at 9:00pm, 2:00 pm, 10:00 am 
all different times of the day all days of the week 
We then have each of our outfits from that time, that day 
and what we were up to when the roll call text came to us 

Frequent Frustrations are just that
The things that frustrate us as wives and mothers 
dirty clothes on the floor, bedtime melt downs, kids not eating, 
snoring husbands, grocery stores being out of our favorite item, 
kids climbing out of their cribs, trying to be fashionable
 and getting all our mom duties done, being tired all the time
potty training and so on

But our blog is not all the about the frustrations we also like to 
share with you our joys, the funny things our kids say, brag about our husbands, 
brag about our cute kids, crafting, getting personal, our accomplishments,
 tips and so much more in our daily diaries 

We, like most moms, love pinterest
We like to try it out and let you know what has worked for us, 
our favorite pinterest finds that we have tried, and 
pinterest fails

We are moms
We are real
We have frustrations
We are learning
We are teachers
We are nurturers
We are growing
We are raising our children the best we can
Our kids are our world
Come be apart of our mom community and check us out 
Come and follow us, like us and chat with us and get to know us

You can find us on:

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