Friday, November 9, 2012

My 2 month Old Babe

 This little man turned 2 months old on October 20th
I  know I am a bit behind since he is 2 1/2 months now 
But here is a little bit about our little guy as of lately 

 I can't believe how fast he is growing
His 2 month appointment went perfect 
in fact Ty stayed home with Maddux so I could just take Holden
by myself which made it a lot easier
He was a really good boy and only cried for a second when he got his shots
poor thing had three shots that day and an oral vaccine
He liked the oral medicine he kept licking his lips it was so cute

 At 2 months:
Weight: 12.81 lbs 75%tile
Length: 23.75 inch 77%tile
Head: 15.4 inch 25%tile

** Holden is now sleeping through the night yay
He started sleeping through the night at about 7 1/2 weeks
He usually sleeps from midnight to about 8 or 9 
It is awesome 

**He takes 3 naps a day one in the morning after he eats breakfast, 
one in the afternoon and one in the evening 
then he usually goes to sleep at nine and then eats at midnight and sleeps
the rest of the night

**He sneezes and has hiccups all the time poor little guy
and just like his brother and daddy the sun makes him sneeze 
Weird huh

**He is very strong and loves when we hold him so he is standing up 
on our laps and putting weight on his legs

 **He has been smiling so much lately
He is always smiling and at and smiles every time big brother Maddux talks to him
Maddux is always talking to him in high pitch voices and baby talk
it is sooooo cute they already love each other so much

**He is in size 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes

**He is pretty good at breastfeeding although he still has his moments 
that he doesn't want to be covered when I am in a public place so 
I have to go hide or he wants to know what is going on around him
but for the most part he does good and he is a really fast eater
 it is usually 5-10 min each side in all 

**He wears size 3-6 month white onesies 

 ** This handsome little man got a name and a blessing in his 2nd month
His daddy gave him a beautiful blessing and the day was so special
Plus he looked so handsome

**Holden wears size 1-2 diapers 

**Holden is starting to LOVE his hand he is always chomping on it 

**He had gorgeous bright blue eyes and long eyelashes that I would kill for

 **He likes to be propped up on the couch with pillows around him and 
often falls asleep like that

**He is such a pleasant baby and I just love to hold him, give him kisses
and stare at him when he sleeps 

 **He rode on the trax train for the first time this month

**He always falls asleep in the car and in the carts at the grocery store
which makes shopping so much easier 

 **He likes his binky when he wants it but if he doesn't 
we for sure cant make him take it He mostly likes it when he is falling asleep
and when he is in the car

**He likes his swing, he will sit in the bumbo for about 5 minutes 
but doesn't love it yet

 **He went to the zoo for the first time in his 2nd month too :)

**He likes to be held and snuggled and really likes
his front carrier baby pack

 **He looks a lot like Maddux did at this age

**He doesn't love tummy time but will do it in like 5 minute time frames

 **He coos all the time and loves to babble at us and his brother 

**He likes to hold our finger in his hand when we are snuggling him

**He loves to be swaddled in one of those Velcro swaddlers at night
they keep him warm, snug and happy 

**He always falls asleep during Sunday school with me bouncing him on my knee

**He does not like hats which will be interesting with winter coming
I guess he will just need to get used to beanies 

**He is so alert and aware of things happening around him
He likes to follow us with his head and eyes when we are doing things around him
He is always staring at Maddux and watching what he is doing 

**He likes to bathe with his brother
He just smiles at Maddux the whole time
He loves the bath he is always so happy in there 
and loves when we pour water on his tummy and on his head 

**Holden has a flat head on the back left side of his head
at his 2 month appointment the doctor gave us some exercises
to do with him so that he would turn his head more the other way and 
develop those muscles and he is also having us put a rolled up blanket
under his left shoulder when he is laying down so that it
 props him to sleep on the other side of his head
These things are already improving his head it for sure isn't perfect yet
but it is already helping so much so fast
so hopefully he wont be needed a helmet. The doctor will check on it again
at his 4 month check to see

We love our little Holden so much
I feel like just in his 2 months of life he has brought so much 
happiness and joy into this family
Maddux is so amazing with him and just adores him
We love you baby Holden and have been having so much fun watching 
you grow and enjoying all those sweet smiles we get everyday 
Happy 2 months 


  1. He is so sweet! I'm expecting my first in March (a little girl!), and I can't wait for experiences like that =)

  2. My youngest is 8 weeks today! Time flies!



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