Monday, November 12, 2012

The Weather Outside is Frightful

What were you up to this weekend?
Here in Utah it was a storm like no other 
It snowed from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon pretty much non stop
The crazy thing is that it was 70 degrees on Thursday then BAM SNOW STORM!
I am not complaining in fact I kinda LOVED it 
And so did Maddux as you can see 

Saturday we decided to shovel, snowblow and play in the snow
Ty and I even got in on the action
It was up to my knees in some parts of the back yard!

Trees were breaking left and right down our street from 
how heavy the snow was

Ty even braved the slippery steep roof to brush off our satelite so we 
could get some TV
He thought he was going to Die I am sure glad he was brave and stayed safe :)

Me and My babies Snuggled close in our warm house

Brotherly LOVE
They are already best friends 
Maddux is always talking to Holden in Baby talk and Holden smiles
and M all day long

When it snows this little man likes to watch some Christmas shows
I am not going to lie Snow puts me into the mood for Christmas too 
Polar Express

This snowy weekend there were a lot of snuggles, snow playing, shoveling, kisses, dancing,
visiting family and we even braved the outside and went out to a wedding reception

Let the Holiday season begin 
Now lets hope we get some more snow like this for Christmas
I am CRAVING the snow this year!

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