Thursday, January 3, 2013

Office Area Organization

With 2013 being a new year it is time for a fresh start in a lot of ways. Goals, ways to live by (My Word of the year post will be up tomorrow), and the big one I will be more organized. I love to get organized. I love the process, I love finding a new place for everything and getting rid of the things I don't need or use anymore, and I love the feeling and look afterwards. Doesn't it seem like January is the perfect time to organize your home and your life. So I am excited to be participating in the New Years Organization Revolution Challenge with Organize and Decorate Everything along with some other amazing organizational bloggers. They have a new space and Challenge each week and then based on votes there is a first, second and third place winner for each challenge. This weeks Challenge is Office.

This was a little tricky for me. You see we are renting a basement apartment (My husband's grandmothers basement) right now and although it is pretty big it is a lot of open space but their are only two closed in rooms and those are occupied by my boys and us. So we don't exactly have an office it is more of a desk space on an open wall between our living room and kitchen. Its a office section out in the open rather :) but it works and since it is out in the open it needed to be organized more than ever since it is seen all the time.

Before: We want to get a new desk soon and get rid of this cheap one but it just hasn't happened yet so I will be organizing this bad boy until we get our new one. I had a bunch of papers out of place, extra computer gadgets we didn't use anymore, machines all over the place, pens and pencils and office supplies everywhere. Everything just needed a better home and to look nicer. So embarrassed by this mess. yuck. So I don't have more before pictures but just so you can have an idea it looked like this all over and the draw was a complete junk drawer mess.

I put all the computer paper, card stock and colored paper on the top self in a nice even neat stack, then I put all of our computer and picture CDs in the CD case in front of the paper on the top shelf. The bottom shelf I was able to fit my silhouette cutting machine, our Microsoft office supplies, and a binder of papers and instructions on the bottom shelf.

On the top of the desk I organized all of the pens, pencils, markers, high lighters and other office supplies in this little organizer I got from Walmart years ago. I had each type of item assigned to a different draw so even the little drawers are organized and neat. Also on the top I have a little tin of paper clips, a tin for pens and scissors I use the most, I have the printer on the top right side, and my cricut on the main section of the top in the back, my lap top in the middle and the mouse pad and mouse on the right of the laptop. A place for everything and it doesn't look overly crowded now. I am hoping to get a desk soon that has more drawers so I can put even more in drawers and away from the top of the desk but for now it is working nicely.

The drawer on the right side has our stapler, tape, hard drives with flies and pictures on them, flash drives, and other computer supplies that we need on hand. I have them placed neatly and have loose items in a little organizational tin I got at the dollar store forever ago.

I love how neat, clean, organized and functional it all looks now and it is nice to have gotten rid of all the things we didn't use anymore it created more space. Now if I can just get my hands on a new desk soon. I am on the hunt for a sold wood desk with lots of drawers. I will be looking at the DI and painting it either white or a cool color. We shall see and then I will update you on the office space once that is done. But for now I am very happy with how it turned out.

We also have a book shelf that is across from our desk on the opposite wall also out in the open. I organized this by putting like books with like books, photo albums and yearbooks in one section, church books in another, reading books in another, and school books in another. Then I got some baskets to put in some of the smaller loose things. In the basket on the top self it has stationary and envelopes of all sizes, the next basket has crayons and coloring books and supplies for the boys, and the next basket has some of my church things in it and journals.

Organize & Decorate Everything

I am excited to be participating in this challenge all month and can't wait for an organized and dejunked home. Thank you for this fun challenge. If you want to participate click on the button above and it will give you all the details to get started. I hope to see your organized spaces linked up. Also I would love you for ever if you could support this challenge by voting each Friday. And of course it would be awesome if you wanted to vote for my space :)

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  1. I saw this organization challenge on another blog and I was thinking about putting a post on Undone! But our desk was too much of a challenge for me! lol.

  2. Very nice! Doesn't it feel great to get rid of clutter? My husband was in Greece for 2 weeks and I took advantage of that time to declutter drawers, desks, and closets. Felt great!



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