Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Wrap {plus WIW}

I am super excited to tell you about one of my new favorite baby must have items that I briefly talked about HERE. It is the Happy Wrap from Bamboo Baby Wrap c/o. This is my first baby wrap and I am so in love and sad I didn't ever get one with my first baby because it seriously has so many benefits and Holden just loves it.

I love to hold my Mr. H so close and tight. I love to be able to snuggle him and still get things done,  I love being able to give my two boys what they need at the same time (snuggling Holden while washing Maddux's hands, or playing cars etc),  and this was the perfect item to have when I had this cutie at the BYB conference a couple weekends ago, not to mention stores and the park/zoo when the weather gets nice.

Not the mention I just love the name. HAPPY. Mom and baby are both Happy. And the Yellow! yes I had to have the yellow, that is happy all by itself and puts a smile on my face.

 Bamboo Baby Wrap c/o // Happy Wrap 
Shirt //Target
Undershirt // DownEast
Jeans // Old Navy
Flats // Payless
Earrings //Walmart
Bow // Walmart
Bracelets // Target
Watch // Hubby's 
Shirt // Carters
Sweats // Carters
Socks // Big brother's hand me downs
Binkie // MAM
Owl Hat // My friend Tiff Made it   

 It is really easy to wrap around you and get baby in they even have instructions on their website and in a booklet for you when you purchase your wrap.

Oh my goodness I will hold him this close FOREVER!

You can use these suckers from the time your baby is a newborn up to 35 lbs which is so funny to me since my 2 1/2 year old is about that size (could you imagine me carrying around Maddux is this sucker haha) but that just shows how strong these are and what amazing quality they are.

The  organic viscose bamboo blend is lightweight and breathable and wicks moisture away from your body making it the ideal wrap for hot weather. It is a great insulator so it keeps your warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Awesome right! I will have this things on everyday in the spring and summer while the toddler is running around playing.

They are comfortable, so so soft, has no bulk and they are adjustable to every size.

Look no hands :) Guess what else I love they are machine washable which with anything baby is a MUST!

Wanna know something super Exciting 
You my amazing readers get 20% a Happy Wrap using the code:
Can you believe this sweet face just turned 6 months? Crazy! 
6 month post and update coming soon

Here are some baby wearing benefits that I wanted to share with you that I just think are so awesome. From the Happy Wrap web page:
 • Smarter Babies  When in the security of the wrap your baby enjoys a state of “quiet alertness” and has the advantage of a 180 degree view of her world, increasing her visual and auditory stimulus and giving her more opportunity for interaction with you.
• Better emotional and physical development  The constant contact and reassurance a baby feels when in a wrap will give him a sense of security that will better prepare him to form relationships as an adult. Research has also shown that premature and special needs babies who are held and touched have a faster weight gain and are overall healthier than those who are not.
• Decrease in post-partum depression  The increased physical contact of wearing your baby can lower the incidence of post partum depression by strengthening the maternal bond.
• Independence  According to Harvard researchers when babies are nurtured and held close, rather than developing increased dependence they grow to be more independent.
• SIDS Prevention  Babywearing has been shown to stimulate the neurological and respiratory systems thus aiding in the prevention of SIDS. Another advantage is that your baby can nap while being worn, receive constant monitoring and avoid having to lie on her back.
• Hands Free For You!  Wearing your baby allows you the freedom to take care of other responsibilities while nurturing and caring for his needs.

Now go and get yourself, a friend or a family member this awesome wrap using the code: YELLOW20 for 20% off. It would be the perfect gift.

Thank you for all your support, for reading and for following

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  1. These pictures are so darling! Your little man is so handsome. Love the colors. Coming over from the Utah Blogger Group.

  2. AHH!! so cute and Holden is so it so much..!!!


  3. Adorable! Love my Moby... you're right, once you figure out how to tie the things, they're not as impossible as they look :)

  4. Your top is really cute, how long ago did you get it at Target. Just wondering if it's still available. :)

  5. How adorable!! Love his owl hat and your bright pants and top! Super cute!!

  6. Those happy wraps look great! I have been looking for a nice moby wrap baby carrier because I hear the babies just love the wraps.



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