Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscars Ballots 2013 {Designed by Erin Jacobs}

Will you be watching the Oscars tomorrow? I have a guilty pleasure I LOVE award shows. My family never really liked them so I remember going upstairs in my room and watching them giddy as can be ( oh and my dad still totally makes fun of me for loving them so much) haha like I said guilty pleasure. I don't think the hubby quit understands either. None the less I love seeing them all dressed up, hearing their speeches and seeing pure joy in their faces when they win. Although sometimes I get really ticked when the person I think should have won doesn't, but that is beside the point.

Getting back on track I just have to share these amazingly professional looking and super fun Oscar ballots that my super talented friend Erin made. She can do everything I swear and design is for sure a love of hers. You might remember me talking about her when she designed this amazing blog of mine. :) So here you have access to these fun ballot for whatever you choose, to vote all by yourself up in your bedroom just to see if you were close, or if you are going to make a party and contest out of it, they are fun either way and I really hope you use them. Erin said her family is having an Oscars party so she made these awesome ballots with all of the nominees so that everyone can make predictions - then, whoever has the highest score is getting a little gift card for ice cream or something. Kinda cool right?!  Super easy! Click on the link, Download print and enjoy. And of course you can thank the awesome Erin of course. The Oscars are Tonight So hurry hurry hurry!

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