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Cupcake Banner {Tutorial}

I am headed to St. George this week for a little mini Spring break Vaca with my little family. So excited. Ready to soak up some sun. But before I hop into the car, jam out to some tunes and hopefully enjoy the road trip {praying for the boys to be happy in the car, thank you Ipad} I want to leave you with this really fun cupcake banner tutorial so you can get bakin and makin this weekend.

I have been loving all the beautiful cake banners I have been seeing this past year. I love the simple cakes with the fun banners. But I wanted to kick it up a notch and since I have a deep love for cupcakes {like I am obsessed with the Sweet Tooth Fairy and could eat a cupcake everyday mmmm kind of LOVE}I thought I would try out a mini cupcake banner. I actually made it for an event/benefit that I went to last weekend,  but it turned out so cute and I had some suggestions on a tutorial after I posted the picture on instagram. I just had to share it with you. How fun would it be to make little cupcake banners for a first birthday party, for a baby shower, for a wedding photo shoot, or just to give to a friend just because. I mean who doesn't like to receive a just because cupcake? Well, I can only speak for myself here, but if you want to make me one I would NOT decline :)

Remember this pretty picture I took of my cupcake from THIS POST? I got to be apart of the Ivory Homes birthday Celebration and along with it there was a cupcake contest to benefit a charity of my choice. The Charity I chose was Primary Children's Medical Center. That place just holds a special place in my heart. I tear up just thinking of all the good they do for all the sweet little ones in need. So to decorate my cupcake I knew I wanted to do a banner. I brought the banner I made and added some simple colorful sprinkles that reminded me of children.  It is still going on and I would LOVE your vote! You can vote simple by liking my picture on Instagram and repinning my picture on Pinterest.

Now on to the tutorial. Because you are going to want to make these for everyone now. Perfect thank you or I love you {just sayin}.

{Supplies I used}

-Cupcake {homemade or bakery/store bought}
-Frosting {If you are making these yourself}
-Sprinkles if you would like
- Banner {I just made my own in Picmonkey}
-Glue stick
-Tooth picks {the perfect size for a cupcake}

{What I did}

First, I made my banner. For this particular banner I was making it for a benefit charity so I did the PCMC {Primary Children's Medical Center} and had Intermountain Health Care logos on the sides. I just made mine in picmonkey. Some really cute banners I would do for a friend or loved one would be:
-Thank you
You don't have to even make them in picmonkey you can simply type out your message in Microsoft Word in your favorite font and just print it out on whatever color paper you would like. Easy Peasy lemon squeezy

So then You are going to cut them out into strips

Fold the strip in half

Then you are going to cut out a triangle at the bottom of the strip so that it looks like a flag. I love this look for banners but you could also cut it at a point going downward for a triangle banner look. Different look just as cute. 

Do this to your whole message

Next you will take your glue stick and spread it all over the back of each flag

and then place it over the twine and fold it over so that the front and back stick together and hold the flag in place over the twine. Do you see it coming together?! Oh the cuteness!

Now you will tie each end to a toothpick

All done! How easy was that and it dresses up a cupcake so so beautifully. The colors and possibilities are endless. I did this one a little more bright, fun and kiddish to go along with the Primary Childrens kiddish theme. But I am wanting to make one more girlie and pretty for a friend, one more vintage and elegant for a photoshoot and one themed for my little man's first birthday this summer.

Then place your adorable banner right into your cupcake and give it to someone, display at a party, or use it for a photoshoot! They will love it I promise. Doesn't the banner just complete it! Now it is beautiful and it tastes amazing.

I LOVE cupcakes it is kinda a problem :) and yes I am without makeup here I must really like you if I am willing to show you my true self.

Can't wait to make some more. To see them follow me on Instagram. Do you want a Cupcake from me? You might just be that LUCKY

Now go! Go make some cupcakes! Give! And make someone's day. oh and bring one to me for giving you this awesome tutorial and idea. HAPPY BAKING and DECORATING!

A banner similar would also be cute on something bigger like my Cream Cheese Strawberry Pie I made HERE

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  1. This is darling!! I am a sucker for banners, and the mini size is even cuter!



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