Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Ten Minute Makeup Routine {That I swear by}

I was hanging out with my cute friend Kami a couple weeks ago and she started asking me questions about my makeup. When I told her what I wore and how short of a time it took me she got really excited. About a week later her and a couple other of my friends then were asking me about my lashes and couldn't believe they weren't professionally done. She then suggested that I do a tutorial on my blog. I hadn't thought of doing that before it is just my routine and part of my morning, but when I got thinking about it I thought why not. Make up doesn't have to take you hours it can be quick and beautiful and everyone should do their make up this quick your life will be changed forever I promise. Thanks Kami for the push hope you all enjoy.

We are all busy whether we are moms, working, in college or whatever it seems we all have a lot to do and don't have a lot of time for ourselves. Through the years I have tried just about everything when it comes to makeup and have always really enjoyed trying it all, but now I have got my routine mastered and can whip it out in ten minutes flat or less. I am not a cosmetologist, I don't do makeup for a living I am just a girl who likes beauty and I want to share what works for this ordinary busy mama, so the rest of you can feel pretty and get out the door feeling confident without taking hours upon hours getting ready. Really though who has time for that? I also have tried just about all the brands. Sure I love to go to Sephora now and then, but I have also found drug store {yes drug store you can gasp if you want} products that this mama on a budget likes just as much for everyday wear. I would rather spend that extra moola on some clothes or something. All of the products I have found through experimenting have been great on my skin, are long lasting and I have had no problems with.

{Products I Use}

First lets get the list of what I use out there for you all. I don't expect you to all go out and buy my list here. This is just works best for me through trying it all out. You can make this ten minute routine work with what products you already love and have. I do recommend these though if you run out and need more :) Ok lets get to the Tutorial my beautiful friends:

{10 minute Routine}

There is the oh so loving before after my workout and shower. Lovely I know. When you go to bed at 2 and wake up at 6 to Crossfit the dark circles like to come out. I am trying to be very brave showing you this pic of me with no makeup on but it is just a must for the sake of the tutorial.

First thing you want to do is moisturize. Just get a little dab and rub it all over your face and neck.

Moisturizer- Mine is actually a free sample I got from Macys it is Estee Lauder Day wear and I absolutely Love it. A lot of times moisturizer can make my skin break out or feel oily, but this just brings my skin to life. Once it runs out I just may need to buy some more. I also have a wrinkle reducing cream I like to put on after I take my makeup off at night.

I am so glad that I discovered this tub of awesomeness. I know Loreal, yes from target or walmart it lasts forever and it is amazing. I used to use a primer from sephora that was good but oh my this BB cream changed my life. It is a primer, moisturizer, it corrects your skin and hides all the red blemishes all in one product. I have had no problems with it with my skin and recommend it to everyone. I just recently discovered how great priming is in your makeup routine. It does all that I listed above which is the bomb all by itself but it also covers amazingly and you could just wear this if you are wanting a lighter look for everyday wear and for night wear it is great as a base for your powder foundation and it makes it so you don't have to use as much. Your foundation will last soooo much longer. Saving you money that is what I am all about. Beauty does not have to be expensive,  no matter what the rest of the world and ads want you to think, I can't stress that enough.

You can use your finger or an applicator and you are just going to put it all over your face. This looks like a lot more than it really is it is just little dabs everywhere. Then I just used my fingers and rubbed it all in in circular motions all over my face. I also like to put some on my eyelids for longer lasting eye make up wear and on my neck for blending. This stuff is so light you don't even feel like you are wearing anything. LOVE!!!! Get some now.  I can't talk about it enough.

Next is the foundation. I don't usually do this everyday, because the BB cream has such great coverage but this is great for when you are going out, date night, or just need more coverage. I love the mineral powder foundations because they are so light and I don't feel like I am wearing much but i covers nicely. Apply with a brush in a circular motion throughout your face and blending to the neck area.

I love bronzer when used correctly. When I first started using bronzer I would apply it all over my face, that is a no no you don't want to do that you just want the bronzer as a contouring tool and to sow a little sun kissed glow. You just want the bronzer to go when the sun would naturally hit your face.

The contouring technique that I learned about a year ago changed my life and I use it everyday. It is so simple you are just going to draw a three on your face with the bronzing brush. As shown in the picture above you will hit the side of your forehead, drawing down to the hallow part of your cheek, and then coming back and getting the bottom of your jaw bone, Making a 3. Then you will do the same thing on the other side. I also like to just add a little swipe on my nose and point of my chin, again where the sun will hit your face.

Now we have our main face on lets add the fluff. Onto the eyes I use a lighter shade of shadow {usually a nude with a little shimmer} all over my eye up to my brow. Then I use a darker shadow either a brown, grey, or color such as purple or blue on just the lid of the eye. Then I use a brush to blend the line.

I love eyeliner and when used correctly can make your eyes really pop. First off I use a cream liner, I love it because it goes on so smooth and gives you a nice bold line in one little swoop. I line the complete to of the eyelid, the on the bottom I only go half way in. I like to make it a little bolder in the outside corner of the eye and then going lighter as I work my way in stopping half way and going upward a little bit. You don't want to do the whole line on the bottom or it will make your eyes look smaller instead of giving them a pop.

Next I do the blush. Blush is simple I just apply a little in the contour of my cheek bone and then a little swipe on my nose and chin to give a little natural pink hue to the skin.

Eyelashes ok lets talk eyelashes for a minute. Usually I would just apply my mascara and go, but lately I have been loving these false eyelashes and I have mastered them enough that people ask me if I get them professionally done. I would love to get eyelash extensions but I don't want to pay the money. So let me tell you some of my secrets when it comes to falsies on the cheap.

All you will need are your false eyelashes. I got mine at Walmart you could also get them at Sallys beauty supply store. I use the demi wispies and this little $2.50 pack of lashes will normally last me a month if I make sure to clean them and take care of them. Now that is cheap. You will also need so lash glue. I recommend the clear kind with the brush it is so much easier to apply and looks more professional when they are applied with this glue. I also just got this at walmart and has lasted me months and its only half way gone. Pretty good considering I apply these almost everyday.

First you are going to bend and roll the false eyelash to get it to shape to your eyelid. Next you will apply your glue with the brush to the tippy top of the lash base. You want to make sure you get enough on but not too much, especially make sure there is enough in the corners of the base. Then you will apply a thin line of glue to your lid I just follow my liner line at the bottom. Blow on the lash the dry the glue a little so it is more tacky and less runny.

First I place it in the outside corner making sure it is secure and then I follow the lash line until I get to the inside corner. Then I push it into place making sure that it is stuck. Make sure to get as close to the real lashes as possible.

Sometimes I will do one more swipe of glue over the top to make sure it is on and will last the day, once that is dry I add some liner to cover any glue and lastly you will swipe just a small amount of mascara through your real lashes and the false ones to blend them this will make it so you can't see the false ones are separate. Then apply mascara to the bottom lashes if desired.

Beautiful, long lashes that only took minutes and no one will know they were only $2.50 a month. One of my favorite beauty secrets. I have had so many people ask me about them so I was so excited to share today if you have any other questions on the lashes please let me know and I can do a more detailed post of just false lashes. email me @ wjwiki07@hotmail.com or comment below.

And there you have your whole makeup routine done in ten minutes or less. Believe me I timed myself multiple days to make sure. It might take a little longer at first but no more than 15 and then you will get it down, be done and go on to your busy day whatever it entails.

This week is crazy I have something just about everyday {exciting opportunities that I will be sharing on here very soon} and this has been a life saver. You can also find my quick top bun tutorial HERE.

Don't forget the lipstick, gloss or baby lips color. I love me some lip color even if it is just a little pecah baby lips but when I wear lipstick I feel like a new woman. I feel girlie, put together and ready t go out.

I put my face on in ten minutes and you can too!

See these beautiful headwraps?  Just you wait tutorial coming soon and you will be hooked!

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  1. Yay! I am so glad you posted this because I was just going to call you today for directions on the lashes! Great post and great pictures! Must have taken a lot of time to put the post together! Thanks friend! :)

  2. You're absolutely beautiful either way! Sorry you didn't learn how to put make-up on from your momma. You did a great job teaching yourself.

  3. pretty mama! I need to wear lipstick:) looks great!!

  4. You are the cutest girl! I NEEDED this tutorial! Seriously, I feel like a middle schooler still when it comes to makeup! And I need to try some lipcolor too! :) Hugs!


  5. I've been wanting to try doing my own lashes...now I'm excited to try. Do you clean them with normal eye make-up cleaner? And do you do it each night when you take them off??



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