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Sage & Harper {Urban Goods} & Discount Code

 Bag // Sage & Harper  Leggings // Agnes and Dora 
Shirt // Target  Sandals // Walmart  Sunglasses // Target  Necklace // Cheerfully Charmed

First before I get into how much I love these bags and will use nothing else anymore {just ask my husband its the only thing you will see on my shoulder no matter where I go} lets talk about the master mind, founder and designer of this amazing handmade company. Meet the adorable Ali! She is a Utah local which I already love, because there is nothing like finding and supporting your local companies and creative people, and Utah is full of them. You guys the company and I had been talking back and forth for a while about these bags and what I could do for my readers, but can I just tell you when I met her in person I felt like we had been friends forever. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my millions of posts about the surprise Midway Homestead getaway that my hubby gave to me for our anniversary. He also took me to Swiss Days one of the days we were up there, so not his thing so it was so sweet that he took me since he knows my love of booths. It was so much fun, and as soon as I saw Ali and her Sage & Harper goodness was there I hunted her down and the rest was history.

I stood there patiently halfway in her booth halfway wanting to run away. I was nervous to actually meet her, this successful women that probably thought I was such a stalker weirdo. But you guys after the lady that she was talking to left we just started talking like we had known each other forever. Her husband actually saw me first and complimented by skirt {sweet right a guy complimenting a skirt that is when you know he works with his wife in design if he can appreciate a little aztec wondefulness}. She recognized me and knew my name from us talking on instagram. I just about died when she said my name. I know Whitney, really she is just another person just like you, but she is amazing!!! Anyway we probably talked for at least an hour her, me and our hubbys. She is the most down to earth person I have ever met.Thanks girl for the Chat it made me love your products even more if that is even possible. Now lets please hang out again we are practically neighbors.

Now that you know about the owner and how truly wonderful she is inside and out, lets talk the gorgeous bags she makes. They are all amazing, unique and beautiful. She has the leather flap bags in all sorts of designs and she also had the bigger bag. I chose the bigger bag, because hello it is my diaper bag/ purse/mommy bag all in one and like I said I don't use anything else anymore. A little birdie {or Ali herself} showed/told me about some of the new fall bags and can I just say I am crushing over the new Larger bag so much I just want to die! I can't wait for October!!!! Stay tuned.

The design, the pockets, the organization, the durability, the quality I just die! I love all the pockets in the inside for the diaper bag goodness, flap pockets are great for drinks or my mommy stuff, wallets, glasses, etc, and of course the outside pocket is great for my phone, keys, and gum because I can get to them fast and I don't loose them in the huge bag abyss.

I received my bag a couple months ago, but I really wanted to get a good use out of it. I wanted to tell my readers my real mom opinion of this product because I was so excited about it.  Was it good for all types of places? for running errands? for church? for the zoo? the park? grocery shopping? out to dinner? what was this bag good for. Well after over a months worth of use I can honestly and full heartedly say it is great to take everywhere. I wouldn't take it camping because it is far to gorgeous for that but it is so durable.

We have a pass to our local zoo and this bag is so amazing for such a place. I can fit it all in there including the DSLR. It stays on my shoulder, I can move, groove, get down with the kids and it stays all in one place.

With these adorable boys in my life, I need me a good girly bag and I have found the perfect one...mommy's, women, even college students you need one. I would have loved one of these as my bag for school in college it would have been perfect.

From Ali:
Sage & Harper is so pleased to be working with Pound the Pavement for Parenthood.  As one who has dealt with the financial and emotional strain that accompanies infertility, I am honored to help raise awareness and bring hope to other woman and families dealing with similar circumstances. 
Pound the Pavement for Parenthood is a non-profit organization established in 2010.  They are a group of dedicated men and women committed to helping the cause of infertility.  They bring awareness to the struggle and help raise precious funds for those ready to start expensive processes including adoption and In-Vitro Fertilization.

They are a unique organization focused on people. Their commitment is to help other people find hope, healing, and happiness while realizing their dream of becoming parents. Goals include raising money, but the focus is raising awareness and support for those who struggle with infertility.

We hope you find great joy in knowing that a portion of your Sage & Harper purchase is going to help further this cause in growing and supporting families throughout the United States.

When Ali was telling me about Pound for Pavement at Swiss days I just about completely lost it right then and there, and then when she told me they were working with that organization I got the chills something fierce. What an amazing thing to be apart of and you are donating when you buys a bag. I think about it every time I swing mine over my shoulder and run out the door and it makes me want to squeeze my babies oh so tight and never let go.

Proof I wear it all the time and everywhere I go. 
Running errands, church, and vacation getaways. 

Now go and check out the bags on her site right now! Fall line coming soon as well. Follow Sage & Harper on facebook and instagram to stay up to date and sneak peeks on the new designs.

Guess what??!!! Sage and Harper and I have come together to bring to you a 30% discount off your entire order. You do not want to miss out on this special offer. Perfect for yourself or gift for the holidays coming up. I am constantly selling these bags no matter where I go to the people around me because I believe in Ali, in her company and in the bag. Use the code : AMOMMYSLIFE30 at check out.

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