Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ikea Metal Trivets PART 1: necklace organizer and flip calendar {studio 5}

Back in April I took part in a really fun and popular challenge on Utah's local lifestyle show Studio 5. It is called the Ikea plus 10 challenge where you take a Ikea item and turn it into something unique and unexpected by using only ten additional dollars. It was a blast you can see what I made from an Ikea lazy susan HERE and HERE. I was asked to take part in this fun challenge again this month and I was all in. This time around I chose the metal trivet. Two different sizes, 6 different fun items you do not want to miss. Today I am going to be sharing with you two of my projects one with the large trivet and one with the smaller baby version.

First up is my simple necklace organizer. This was the very first thing I thought of when I saw this trivet. I have so many necklaces and they needed a good home that kept them organized while adding to my bathroom decor.
{Supplies I used}

-LAMPLIG Stainless Steel Large Trivet {Featured Item $6.99}
-Primer {Zinsser bulls eye 123}
-Spray Paint {any color you choose}
-your necklaces
 {How I Made It}

This was the easiest project that makes such a fun statement and is practical too. First, you are going to want to prime this since it is metal so the paint will stick to the metal better without it running. Once your primer is dry, you are just going to spray paint it in whatever color matches your room, or where ever you are wanting this displayed.


Once it is dry, hammer in two nails on each end of the trivet and hang it up. Add your necklaces and voila you have a pretty organizer. Stay tuned for future posts featuring two more ideas with the large trivet.

Next I wanted to share with you one of my ideas I made out of the little baby trivets. This is probably my favorite project of them all. Simple, clean, colorful, great decor and very practical, its kinda perfect. Again this was a really easy project and you don't need anything too fancy.

{Supplies I used}

-LAMPLIG Stainless Steel Small Trivet {Featured Item $2.99}
-Primer {Zinsser bulls eye 123}
-Spray Paint {any color you choose}
-Computer, and printer
-Magnet roll
-hole punch
-card stock 
-Loose Leaf Rings {found in the office supplies}

  {How I Made It}

-First you are going to do the same steps as the necklace organizer above-prime and paint which ever color will go with your home decor and style.

-While it is drying you can get started on the numbers and months. All you need is a computer, printer and black ink. I just opened up word and typed the numbers 0-3 for the left side and 0-9 for the right side. I changed them to the Cambria font and size 300. This seemed to be the perfect size to fit on the trivet while still showing off the color and modern design. Next print them off onto white cardstock and cut them into rectangles making sure they are all the same size and the number is in the middle. Take your hole punch and punch two holes in each number and making sure each number has the hole placement in the same spot so they all line up. Then you will simply feed them through your rings in order and attach them to the top of the trivet. Now you are able to flip them and easily change the date. 

Now for the months. Also very easy. You will just type out each month in word using the cambria font in size 72. Print them off and cut each of them out. 

Next take your roll of magnet stripes and cut it to the size of your strip of paper with the month on it, remove the wrapper and stick it to the back of the paper. 

Stick the month on the bottom bar of the trivet. It is metal so the magnets are perfect for interchangeable projects. Simply change the paper out each month.

 Easy as that. Practical, cute to go with your decor and your kids will love to flip the card each day. You could also change this a little bit to make it a flip countdown.

 This cute flip calendar can be displayed just about anywhere in your home. Right now mine is in my bedroom right on my dresser reminding me each morning what the date is. 

I shared both of these trivet projects together today not only because they are both yellow, but because they are both useful and double as decor. I also think both of them would make great, unique, useful and fun Christmas gift ideas. I will be making a bunch of those fun calendarsl

Thank you Studio 5 for having me again. It was a blast! You can Check out my segment  below or HERE. Also make sure to check back for 4 more ideas you can make with these same trivets. 

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  1. Yay Whitney! You did fantastic!

  2. Way cute Ideas! Simple and easy and "out of the box". you are a natural on tv too!

  3. Cute Whitty! Love it! Great job on TV!



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