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Painting Wood Furniture {Pinners Class PART THREE} Supplies

Welcome back to our How to paint/refinish furniture class! How are you liking this series so far? Is it helpful? What questions do you have?  To catch Part one of this series GO HERE. Part one is an intro to me, the class, why I started painting furniture, and all about how you can do it too. Part two is helping you figure out the style you want you can find that HERE. Check them out before you go on. 
It is time for us to talk supplies and go shopping. Above you will find my list for supplies and below we will be talking about each supply,why it is important, the brands I like and where I get them.

First up of course is your Piece of wood furniture. See PART ONE of the series to see where I find my pieces and what is the most cost effective. This one was only $10 at the DI but most of mine are FREE. FREE is the best right!

Next up is paint. See PART TWO of the series to know when to use spray paint and when to use canned paint.  If you are going to spray paint first of all make sure to get it at a hardware store {i.e. Homedepot, lowes} or walmart they are only about $3.50 per can avoid getting them at the craft stores they are $7 and up. Next tip if you have to get them at the craft store make sure to use a coupon almost all of them have them now. For furniture I like to use the satin. What brand do I like the best? I pretty much like all the name brands. I have used Krylon, Rustoleum, and Valspar and like all of them. It usually just depends on what store I am at or what color I want for what brand I get.

If you choose to roll on. I like to get the semi gloss indoor paint. My best tip is to get the small paint samples when you are doing smaller pieces because you will not need a lot and it will save you money. You can get them in whatever color you want just ask them to mix one up for you and they are only $2.50-$3 a piece. The sofa table picture above only took two paint sample jars so I only spent $5 in paint for that table. Awesome deal and no wasted paint. Also another great option with cheaper can paint is to check the Mis-tints in the paint department. Mis-tints are the mixed paints that they mixed wrong and they can't sell for full price they are 50% -75% off. They are random colors so this is all about luck. The first dresser we painted for my son we painted blue and we just so happened to find the perfect blue in a mis-tint, it was a whole gallon for only $5.

If you are spray painting you do not need these next supplies pictured above but they are a must for canned paint. This is how we are getting the paint onto the piece of furniture the smoothest and easiest way. You will need a small roller, a small sponge to put on the roller and a small tray. Also don't forget an angled paint brush. Usually you can get all three of these in one pack which is a great way to get the best deal on it all. For the sponger roller you want the smooth one the packaging say it is for doors and cabinets that is the one you want. Do not get the textured fuzzy kind this will leave the paint of your furniture bumpy and we want smooth as butta!

Next one of the very most important, well they are all important, but one of my favorites is the primer. Primer is a must. It will save you time, money, it will look the best and the primer is what helps the paint to bond to the wood furniture. DO NOT SKIP THIS SUPPLY! You will use less paint to cover up the furniture and your color will be truer to color on the white primer versus the brown of the wood. Now that we know how important the primer is lets talk what primer to get. Zinsser bullseye 123 is hands down the best primer out there. Kilz has nothing agest this stuff. It is the perfect light mist, it goes on so smooth and it covers like magic. I promise you are saving time if you just get this kind. I have tried so many, take my word for it. The only place I am able to find this primer is Lowes and Amazon

Next up your finish. Also a very important supply. Do not I repeat do not go out and just buy a clear spray paint and think that is a good finish. When it comes to the finish you will want to pay a little more especially if it is a high traffic piece or you have kids. You are working hard on refinishing this piece and you want it to last. The one that I recommend is the minwax Polycrylic crystal clear finish in the satin. Not Polyurithane, polycrylic.  The polycrylic is also non-yellowing this is safe to use on your white projects. Yay!This can be found at your hardware store and even Walmart carries it.

Next up Sand paper. Yes you will sand every piece. We want it smooth and all that extra stuff off of it before we paint. You will want 220 grit sand paper for these wood furniture projects. This is a fine grit that will not scratch the wood. There are many options when it comes to sanding. Lets talk about them all from left to right.

Your first option is good ol fashioned sand paper. This is found just about anywhere and does the trick. The paper is also good for smaller, detailed places.  This will take the longest however to get your whole piece sanded. The next option up would be the sand block.  This one will prevent you from getting burned fingers like the friction from the paper can cause it is easier to handle and it is a little quicker. The next option up from the block would be the sander with the handle This one you will need sand paper cut to fit and then attach it onto the tool. This one is great because it encompasses more space and it is easier to maneuver with the handle. And the best option that I use is the electric sander. This one is a must and you will not believe it but that sucker right there I got at Walmart for only $15 and I have been using it for four years with many many projects an it is still doing just as good as the day I bought it. Get the electric you will not be sorry. So much quicker, and it does the work for you.

The next few supplies are only needed for certain styles or just great to have on hand for special times...

Minwax stain is great for the pieces you are wanting to stain or glaze. I like to use the stain instead of the actual glaze because it is easier to work with and less thick. My favorite stain is the minwax and you can find this at your local hardware store, walmart or on amazon. My favorite color is the Early American, but they have many many options including color stain. It also comes in all different sizes so you can find the amount needed for your project.

These supplies are what you are needing if you are whitewashing a piece. Some white paint, water and a plastic container. You will need one part paint to two parts water, mix it together in your plastic container and  it is all ready to go.

A chisel is rarely used but a great thing to have if you are needing to scrap off a lot of layers. If you have a piece that has already been painted this is a quicker way to get the paint off and then you will sand it down to get off the rest.

This is a great tool to have if you are spray painting but again not a must. It is a spray paint gun and only about $3 at your local hardware store or walmart. It just attaches to your spray paint can and makes it easier to get a nice even coverage.

Some other supplies you will need are:
-Rags- Can be old wash clothes or old T-shirt you will need these for cleaning, and or staining/glazing/whitewashing
-Soap and water for washing
-baby wipes
-latex gloves- not a must but can be nice
-A drop cloth or old sheet

Ok there we go I have given you your supply list, where to get them and how to get the most out of your buck. Write them down or print off the list and go shopping. Then come back and we will get started in the next post.

Stay tuned for part 4...The STEPS! This is the post you have all been waiting for now that you have the confidence, are excited, know your style and have all your supplies lets get started. And don't forget to PIN this sucker as well as the rest of the series for the full class.

Happy learning and shopping! 
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