Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Elase Medical Spa {Laser hair Removal, Botox} & a GIVEAWAY

Remember how I have been going into Elase Medical Spas of Utah and have been getting laser hair removal?  You can read all about my experiences up to date and answers to your questions and concerns about laser hair removal HERE and HERE

To sum it up I have loved the experience and the results have been amazing. I have done 6 treatments and have 2-6 more to go depending on the overall results, that have been tracked each visit. When you have lighter hair it is harder for the laser to see the follicles and the results may not be as good as darker hair. I have lighter hair and it is working great for me. So don't be scared to try it out if you have light hair, to be sure Elase has free consultations and they will give you their honest and most helpful advice. I will continue to keep you up to date and answer an questions you may have about laser hair removal, but next I just have to tell you about Botox.

Yes, you heard that I right I tried Botox. This is a procedure I never thought I would do, in fact it was pretty much guaranteed, that is until I really knew anything about it. All you ever see is the no expressionless face and the balloon lips when you hear about botox out in the media. For some reason in our society it is a hush hush subject and some would go as far to say as you shouldn't do it. And I bought into that all, that is until I went in for my Elase laser hair removal appointments and talked a little bit more about their other procedures with them. They are so nice to answer all my questions and I would go as far as say I was totally convinced that this is something I wanted to try.

I had no idea that they start you out on very small units, that there were multiple places you can get it and that it can look so youthful and natural not all fake and expressionless like I thought. When they mentioned the area on your forehead right between your eyebrows I knew that is what I wanted to try. I have always hated how deep my frown lines are in that area. I also have bad eyes and squint a lot so it looks like I am glaring/scowling all the time I hate it and have been very self conscious about it, and it just gets worse the older I get. So I thought why not I will give that one tiny area a try if it is going to make me feel good.

You guys I am so glad that I did it the difference is amazing and it is giving me more confidence. No one has asked me if I got botox but I have had a few people ask what I have been using on my face because it just looks more awake and youthful. When I squint I don't feel like I am glaring and I just feel better, just that one small tiny area.

It was so fast and very little pain with big results. They use super tiny needles like diabetic needles to transport the units into the areas you are wanting. I have 20 units all together to get rid of my scowl and it was plenty. You will have a tiny bit of bleeding that will stop within minutes and some swelling that will be down in 20 minutes to a half hour. Around day two I started seeing small results and it felt a tiny bit heavy but nothing bad just a slight pressure for a day. Then at about day 8 I saw the full results.

BEFORE: with no expression or squinting 
You can see the lines even when I am doing nothing with my face

AFTER: with no expression or squinting 
No more lines Wahoo!

BEFORE: With expression and squinting 

AFTER: with expression and squinting 

Isn't that after with me squinting AMAZING!!! I know it is something so small but it makes me feel so much better and that is what I love about Elase medical spa. It is not about being vain it is all about feeling your best, confident and strong. So would I recommend Botox or do it again myself. YES!!! I totally would! Here, at Elase they know what they are doing they are only going to make you look your best.

Now for the awesome GIVEAWAY!!!  Elase and I have teamed up to bring to you an amazing giveaway of a Chemical Peel on us! Chemical peels are a great way to rejuvenate the skin and keeping it looking its best while also keeping it healthy. Chemical peels are a very effective way to exfoliate the surface of the skin and encourage fresh new cells to develop.

Simply fill out the rafflesopter to enter and GOOD LUCK!!!!

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 ***Disclaimer:  For the next  month I am going to be blogging about my opinions and experiences on my services that I have received through Elase Medical Spa. I have received services for my opinion, but I want to assure you my opinion is 100% my own.

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  1. This would be fun to win, a few minutes of pampering for myself. Or maybe a super awesome gift for my mom!

  2. I've always wanted a chemical peel:)

  3. I literally JUST LAST WEEK emailed a company about a chemical peal. I am too young to look so old!

  4. I've always had bad skin and heard great things about chemical peels.

  5. I'm an esthetician but have never received either one of these treatments. I would love to try it!



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