Monday, November 18, 2013

Sick Day Care with A Turkey Family kid Craft and Kleenex Facial Tissue

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It is here, the most wonderful time of year! Yes, there are holidays, parties, shopping, and so much to do but with all of that plus the cold weather, it is also the battle of the cough, cold and flu season. Blah that is what I dread the most about the winter, because here in Utah the winters can be brutal. I try my best to keep my kids healthy by having them wash their hands, take vitamins, eat healthy foods, and I try to keep them away from other sick children as much as I possibly can, but that isn't always in my control especially with Maddux just starting preschool and nursery. Ah the dreaded nursery I swear that is always the start of the sickness spread here in Utah get a bunch of snotty nose kids together for two hours, and the germs are everywhere. As much as we would like preventing sickness is not always possible, unfortunately sickness is a part of this life. So what do you do when your family gets sick?

A sick day in our family looks a little something like this... Staying inside {we want to prevent the spread of sicknesses to others...pretty please if you have sick kids keep them inside, that is my biggest pet peeve, ok rant over}, wear pajamas, sit on the couch with a soft blanket a good movie, a drink, soup, lots of snuggles, games, maybe even a little craft to keep the kids entertained, and of course a box of Kleenex facial tissues by our side.  And you are in luck my friends because right now Target has a coupon HERE for a four or six pack or Kleenex boxes. So make sure to go to your closest Target {we all love us some Target} and stock up for the cold season.

Kleenex has always been my go to brand when it comes to tissues especially since I have had kids. I love how soft it is, I love the aloe infused in it and I love how because of those two things it doesn't leave my babies noses all raw and red. They are gentle and perfect for your families noses.

It is the saddest ever when your babies are sick, but the snuggle you get from them are so amazing!

I mentioned above that since we like to stay inside when we are sick we usually have a movie going, but a movie can only entertain the kids for so long, so I also like to involve a little activity or craft. I like to craft so why not do it with my cute kids? Today I am going to share with you a Turkey family kid craft that your littles are going to love making while they are sniffling, needing some extra attention from mom and having to stay inside. It is hard enough on our kids when they are sick and can't go play with friends, so I think it is important to keep them in a good loving atmosphere that they can feel as comfortable in as possible during these times.

Keep those boxes of Kleenex tissues close, stay in those jammies and huddle around the table for a easy but fun Turkey project. This is great for decor or place setting for the big feast. 

{Supplies Needed}

-Styrofoam balls- I used a variety pack because I wanted different sizes for our family members
-brown craft paint or kids paint
-Sponge brush
-Googly eyes
-small piece of yellow foam or card stock
-red and orange pipe cleaners
-assorted feathers 

Don't forget to keep those germs contained with those tissues and maybe some water in your little craft station with all the other supplies listed above.

{What I did}

First you are going to paint your styrofoam ball. You can either paint these ahead of time and let them dry if your kids aren't old enough to paint or you just want them all ready for them to put together. Or you can have them paint them with some washable kids craft paint with some of your help of course. Then you will want them to be completely dry before you start building your turkey.

Once it is dry you can get to putting this little cutie together and if your kids are anything like mine they will be so excited to build it and have something to keep them entertained for a little bit. After paint comes the googly eyes. Just simple glue two eyes in place where ever you think looks the best on the ball of just let your little ones pick where they go.

Next up is the beak. All I did was help my 3 year old cut a triangle out of the yellow foam, you could also use cardstock just fine. Then we glued him on too right between and under the eyes. I love the clear Elmers glue and totally recommend it for kid crafting.

To make the little gobbler {you guys I honesty have no idea what that red dangley thing on turkeys is called but I have always called it a gobbler lol}you will just need about an inch and quarter of red pipe cleaner. Bend that small piece in half and glue it right next to the beak.

The feet where really easy that your older kids could do them with some instruction first, but I just pre made these for my little boys since it would be a little too difficult for them. just bend the pipe cleaner to look like a small w on the end then you will smoosh the two points together and fanning them out so it looks like two toes. Do this to both ends of the pipe cleaner, cut the pipe cleaner in half and there you have your two turkey legs. Just push the pipe cleaner into the Styrofoam ball and they will stay, this is easy enough my 3 year old could do it.

With your toddlers you might have to take a small break t keep them excited and their attention. this is a good time to wipe their noses, give them a little snack a drink and wash their hands.

Next are the feathers these are supper easy I cut the ends off a little because they were too long.

The kids picked which colors they wanted and they just stuck them into the Styrofoam at the top.The boys thought this part was the best and lets be honest the feathers are what really bring the whole turkey together and cute.

And viola you and your littles just made a super fun and festive craft together, that you can display for the holidays and you kept them entertained while they are stuck inside. 

I know my boys had fun and it was a blast for me because it was some great together time that we could just laugh and play and talk while we created together. Those are the moments that you realize what is truly important and although being sick is hard it doesn't last for forever but the memories you make together can stay with you forever. So next time your kids are sick, or bored, or have the winter blues do a craft together you will be so glad you did and your kids will remember it I promise.

We all wanted to join in on the fun and made our little family in turkeys and they are on my thanksgiving display. I could not love them more and the boys are so proud every time they see them.

Now head over to your favorite Target store, print out the target exclusive coupon and get $1 off your Kleenex facial tissue! Be prepared for those sick days. Then head over to their kid craft section and grab all this goodness to make turkeys with your kids.

Happy Monday!


  1. Such a great kiddo craft! And I agree, the Kleenex with the Aloe is a game changer!

  2. I feel the same way about sick kids! Keep them inside...

    But what a fun way to make their sick day better and such a cute craft Whit! I might have to copy it for my kiddos!

  3. What a cute craft idea! And I love that its simple enough for your kids to do it with you! What a fun way to make a sick day a little better!

  4. Super cute turkey idea! I bet they felt much better after that :)

  5. This is so cute Whit! I love the way they turned out! You are the nicest mom ever :)

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