Thursday, November 7, 2013

Quick, Easy and Small Fall to Winter Fashion Trends

Let's talk a little fashion today shall we. To find my top 6 fall fashion trends go HERE. My post on how to make your own headwrap got me thinking about other fall fashion trends that are on a smaller scale. So today I am going to talk fall fashion on our lips, nails, and accessories. These are easy, quick and inexpensive but still make a big statement. And the best part is they will all transition from fall right into the holiday season. So lets get started on my top 5 small trends that leave you feeling stylish and create a big statement. 

Dark Nails

First up are the dark nails. Black is back, but not just black so don't be intimidated. If black is scary for you or just not your thing you can use the dark purples, reds and blues and it will bring in that same look. Dark is no longer a Gothic style but turning into pure glam. Good bye summer neons, hello glamorous darks {at least for a couples months}.

Also to go along with the dark nail colors, GOLD is a must this fall and into the holiday season. Try it out. Get a dark color and paint those fingers and tootsies, with maybe one of them gold, and you are sure to be in love.

Dark Lips

Next up are the dark lips. Burgundy is huge this season and really fun to play with, with your fall outfits. It can be so pretty paired with a light flowy top. Make it feminine and keep it classy.

If the purple is too much for you, try out the darker red. Bright red was perfect for the summer, but it is time to switch it out for the darker shades of those classic red lips.

I tried out a color in between the really dark purple and the red and I am loving it. It is a little darker in person then what the lighting of this picture shows, but it was just a really fun change and it feels very dressed up. It is crazy how just putting on some lipstick can make you look so much more put together.

Headwraps and Beanies 

Now for some fun head accessories for fall into the winter are the headwraps, cozy earwarmers and beanies. I love these accessories because they are both functional and fashionable. The two main functions each of these serve is to keep our heads cozy warm, and they are super quick and great for a lazy hair day.

You can find my headwrap tutorial from last month's post HERE

For a different look you can buy are make the cute fleece or crochet earwarmers. Pretty much these are just a thicker headwrap that are great for those snowy days. You can find the tutorial to make the fleece ones HERE.

I feel like beanies are so much cuter than they used to be, and a huge part of fall/winter fashion. I am finding myself styling the rest of my outfits around these beanies. They are not just for guys or for skiing anymore. Wear them looser fitting and with a fun curl or with some straight bangs. The Most perfect lazy hair day accessory ever. In the summer I love the top knot bun and in the winter I love the beanies and headwraps. Function and beauty it is possible!

Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces are huge. They have been a popular trend for a while and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. These unique, colorful, and classic statement necklaces are for everyone. They have so many shapes, sizes, colors and options and they can go with just about anything. You do not have to wear a dress to pull these babies off and that is what I love so much about this fashion trend. I have worn them with a T-shirt, a dress, a button up, or a blouse. They are perfect for everyday or to dress up for a holiday party.The best places to get these are and you will get such amazing deals on great quality pieces.


Scarves. This is a no brainier. We love scarves. Just like the head accessories these are not only cute but they keep us cozy in these upcoming frigid months. There are so many styles, patterns, materials and way to wear them and you can find them everywhere. I love how they can also be worn as if they are a necklace, making the same fashion statement. Stay tuned and get excited for next months fashion post all about scarves.

I hope i was able to help you out with bring fall into your style in small, easy ways.
 Happy Fall. 

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