Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dressing for Family Pictures

With Christmas right around the corner, that means Christmas cards, and usually Christmas cards means it is time for family pictures. Oh family pictures, I love them and I dread them. Is that just me? They are so stressful for the mama and I feel so much pressure, but then I love them when I see them. Well usually :) Some things are just going to be stressful when you get those pictures. Are the kids going to be happy? Can we get one picture of us all looking good and smiling? What in the world do we wear? So that last one that is the one we are going to talk about today. What do you wear?

First while looking for outfits for your family do not match, coordinate. What does that even mean? You do not need to all wear jeans and a white shirt, or plaid, or kakis. That is a 90s thing and lets keep that style in the 90's shall we. Instead you basically just want the outfits that look good together. Usually I will still pick a matching color scheme, but do different textures and patterns within those colors. Although when it comes to my boys I like them to match sometimes so they are wearing the same pants with different shoes and shirts to still keep them as individuals.

My next tip when it comes to dressing for family photos is make sure to look in your closet first. You do not have to go out and buy all new outfits every time you get those family pictures.I know I don't have the money for that. You Will be surprised when you look at what you have and are able to bring together as a family. Plus I love wearing what I already wear in a regular day so our own style and personalities are coming through in those pictures, we aren't just wearing that outfit for that picture because it is pretty, but it is something we like to wear day to day. Speaking of wearing what you like day to day make sure you feel confident and comfortable in your outfits, if you don't that will show through in those pictures.

This is probably my best tip and that is to dress mom first. Mom is the one that is going to care the most about what she is wearing. Mom is the one that will make sure she looks good in each picture. Mom usually likes fashion. So start with her and then coordinate the remaining outfits with mom's colors and patterns.

So do you wear Sunday best or casual clothing for family pictures? Do you get them taken in the Spring, summer, fall or winter? These are great questions and the answer I like to give is it all depends on what your style and what you want to go up in your home to display. I like all seasons pictures and casual and dressed up for different reasons so each year that we get our pictures taken I like to mix it up. I am more of a casual look type but when we did the dressed up a couple years ago I was in love with that look as well. Some photographers will allow a wardrobe change and in those cases I did half casual and half dressed up. For the seasons I also like the mix it up I have really only done fall and summer photos, but I would love to do them in the spring and some snowy white ones would be really fun too. Make sure you are dressing to the season. If it is Spring you probably want to steer away from plaids, fall colors and boots and if it is fall you want to make sure to bring in those beautiful fall colors around you. Layer up in the cooler seasons and wear breezy fabrics in the warmer seasons, just like you would everyday.

I hope these fashion tips will help you the next time you have a family picture session coming up. They have helped me and have relieved a lot of the stress. Be you, coordinate and bring in your personality through your styles and those pictures will be perfect. Happy Holidays!!!

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