Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fabric Scrap Garland {Christmas} TUTORIAL

Staring off some holiday lovin with a fun garland tutorial that will take you less than a half hour to make, will make a statement and keep your home festive and cheerful this season.  The possibilities are endless, there are the cutest fabric patterns and color you will have a hard time choosing. You can make it from scraps you have for buy the cheap fat quarters from anywhere that sells fabric.So lets get to it so you can have a new garland up in your home in no time.

 {Supplies Needed}

-Fabric Scraps {I used some fat quarters just from my local fabric store}
-Fabric scissors
-twine or string of some sort

 {What I did}

First this is a scrap garland and there is no need to make it perfect so there was no measuring and no marking, I simply took my fabric scissors and cut about 10 strips that were roughly 2 inches wide. Again no need to make them perfect. 

Do this to all your fabric choices. I did 4 different patterns and colors. and I cut about 40 strips total but for the size of my garland I only used 28 strips. You can make the garland as small or large as you are wanting for the space it is going.

 Now that all your strips are cut you are going to start tying them to your twine.

1. Fold your strip in half
2. turn it on its side and hold it in front of the string
3. take the bottom and bring it behind the string, then loop it through the hole
4. pull it tight

Then it will look like this.

Continue repeating these steps with all of your strips until you get it the length you want. I did 4 patterns alternating red and green and patterns as I went.

Hang it up and enjoy. It is cheap, fun, festive, easy and it only took me about 20 minutes from start to finish.

I had one in orange and brown for thanksgiving, you could totally make these for any season or holiday, or even above a crib in your baby blue or pink. Think of all the possibilities with all the fun fabric patterns out there.

Like this fun garland? Well there is much more Christmas and Holiday goodness and tutorials coming up for the next couple of posts! Think glitter, twinkling lights, gold, greenery, pom poms, burlap and so much more.

Also coming up the next couple of weeks are some AMAZING giveaways! Like some of my very favorite shops around. I am going to be doing a little series featuring some of my favorite shops and items for some amazing gift ideas and giveaways you do not want to miss. Ya know just a heads up ;)

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  1. Super cute. Definitely going to make a few to hang from my fireplace. They would be cute for all the holidays, and my little girls room

    1. thank you so much. They would look perfect on a fireplace, and a room. I love how you can pretty much make it work anywhere



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