Friday, December 6, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

Since the summer I have been thinking about how we needed to update our family pictures, since Holden has changed so much from last years pictures. I love to have new pictures of our growing family each year. The summer came and went and it was getting closer and closer to the holidays, and I really wanted them before Christmas for our cards to send out, but it just kept taking the back burner.

At the end of October I was at the Pinners Conference teaching a couple classes. In between my classes I hung out there with some friends and wondered all the booths. One booth caught my eye with its gorgeous furniture, frames and pictures. I started talking to the cute lady at the booth and long story short she easily got me convinced to book a photography session for my family at her studio, Camera Shy. The best part is they had a location only 15 minutes from our house. And....I have been loving the indoor photography lately so I thought I would give it a try for a change. You have been warned this is going to be a complete picture overload, and this isn't even all of them, but I just couldn't narrow it down any more. So enjoy....

Overall it was such a great experience. We walked in and while we waited the kids played in their adorable little playroom. I love kid friendly places, it makes this mama who loves her kids and loves when they are happy very very happy. Since you make appointments our wait was super short, we checked in and before you know it we were getting our pictures taken. 

We started out in the main room and then there where a couple other rooms with multiple walls and textures to choose from. There was so much of a variety, which I totally loved.

The photographer was so sweet, she was great with the kids and she even let me suggest ideas. She did a great job and I am super happy with what we got.

Getting pictures of your crazy, on the move kids is not easy, but our photographer somehow got some adorable shots of them and captured their personalities.

 They never rushed us, they listened to us, they were patient, they let us take bathroom breaks, wiggle breaks and get it together breaks.

They got a whole variety of shots in just the 45 minute time frame even with all the breaks. we got the whole family together, the boys together, the boys alone, and even some of just Ty and I.

When we were done with the session, they just told us to come back in one hour and they would have our CD and prints ready for us. We went across the strip mall, hate some lunch and let the boys play in the play area of chic fila. We went back to the studio and they sat a down and let us look at all the pictures in a slide show to some music. We got all of the pictures on a CD {no extra cost-included in the session price} with all the rights to the pictures and we got to pick if we wanted any printed there. Then they packaged our CD up in a pretty sleeve and bow and sent us with our selected prints. I was so excited I put the prints right up into our gallery wall and printed a few more.

I love family photos. I think they are important. It is fun to see your family at that time. Your personalities, your style and the way you interact with each other. I think family pictures are the best home decor pieces and I have our photos in ever room. Now go and check out Camera shy and book your session today!

Make sure to check out my Fashion tips for Family photos Post HERE to help you get ready for the pictures, with less stress and less money.

Now go snuggle your family! Tell them how much they mean to you. Go on a hot date with your hubby, and have an amazing Friday night and beginning to the weekend. Then come back next week for a couple amazing HUGE giveaways and a couple more Christmas project tutorials. 

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  1. I love Camera Shy I went that same weekend and had just as amazing of a time!! Your pictures turned out gorgeous



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