Monday, March 31, 2014

30 Days of styled Leggings {April Fashion Series}

I have always loved leggings, back in Elementary when they came with sir ups that went around your foot and you tucked an over sized T-shirt that you got from your first gymnastics meet into them, when they were only solid colors, when they were capris, and when you only wore them with a dress or very long shirt. Yes, yes, I have had this staple in my closet for a long time. But now more than ever they are really a staple in my wardrobe. And now more than ever they are AMAZING! They come in all sorts of patterns, colors, materials and they can be styled in all sorts of ways. I wear them to lounge in, to the park, to grocery shop, on date nights and even to workout in.I wear them everyday!

A couple weeks ago I was wearing some jeans and a T-shirt and I realized I could not remember the last time I wore jeans instead of leggings and then went right upstairs and stared at my leggings section of my closet in unbelief, then I counted them, and then I just laughed. Did I really have over 30 leggings in my closet???? Did I really wear them all? Yes, and yes. Did I really love them that much. Yup. Did I really have enough that I could go a whole month without repeating one single legging in those 30 days? haha yes! And that is when I decided this series was a MUST! 

The next 30 days, the whole month of April I will be sharing and styling all sorts of patterns, colors, and styled leggings. Winter, Spring, summer and fall styles. Dressy, casual, workout, and lounge styles. It'll be fun and I am really excited to show you all the diversity this staple item can have in your wardrobe.

 But I do not want to be the only one participating in this, ya'll are not only welcome but I can't wait to see all of your legging styles as well. So make sure to follow me on instagram @whitneyulrich and share how you style your leggings throughout the month of April tagging @whitneyulrich and hashtagging #30daysofleggings in your posts so we can all see them and so I can share them. Make sure to participate, for the fun of it, but also to be entered into a fun giveaway at the end! Easy peasy. Share your leggings, share your styles, share your fashion so we can all oo and aaa over them,and then maybe you'll win some more in the end. No you do not have to participate everyday. Tag a photo as much or as little as you want, one day or 30 I just can't wait to see.

Yay to the next 30 days!Yay to April, Yay to leggings and an extra yay to a super fun series that we can all enjoy and participate in. 

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