Thursday, March 6, 2014

Favorite places to get my Fitness Clothing {Fashion}

 With it still being the beginning of the year, can you believe how fast the last two months have gone, goals and resolutions seem to still be on the brain. As time goes they fade more and more, but they are still important and we just need a little boost to remember the things we wanted to work on. One of the most popular goals for the new year is fitness. Fitness is a huge passion of mine along with fashion and to me they can go hand in hand, in fact for me they do. I am a firm believer in when you feel good about how you look the better you will perform. If you are wearing your husbands sweats and a frumpy old tee shirt, you are probably going to feel frumpy and when you feel frumpy you do not want to work out, you want to sit on the coach and watch some netflix. When you feel cute, and good about what you are wearing and how you feel in it, you are going to be more peppy, happy and more energetic where in turn will help in a better workout. So today I am going to be sharing with you some of my favorite fitness companies or stores to wear at the gym, on a run or even during a hike in the warmer weather.

Albion Fit

Albion fit has got to be my very favorite place to get my fitness clothing. They are a Utah company that also sells online. Their pieces are flattering, cute and super high quality. They have everything from pants to tanks to jackets and long sleeve shirts. They also specialize in swimwear. I love how their clothing fits and how it sucks you in in all the right places. They are always keeping up with the trends and seasons and it is so fun to see everything they come up with. Every time I wear something from that store I get compliments and questions of where I found them.

LuLu Lemon
 Shorts and Tank from Lulu

Oh goodness Lulu lemon I kinda avoided this place for a long time because I just knew how much I would love it and would just want more and more and I was so right. My husband got me some shorts and a tank from lulu and can I just say I am totally in love. The way these fit is incredible. They are so flattering, the fabric is so comfortable and i just don't know how to explain it but they must put something in their clothing to make you want more. Like I don't think I could ever have enough. Make sure to check them out you will love it all! 

 Photo Credit: Swoob fit
Swoob specializes in sports bras. These are really cool because they have a built in pocket in the front for your phone or mp3 player a long with smaller pockets built in for a key or money. These are great for just about everything but my favorite time to wear mine is for running. They have a few different types for low or high impact activities. In addiction to the sports bras they also have tanks, sweat pants and pullovers. 

Kiava Clothing
photo credit: Kiava clothing
I love Kiava because their designs are so unique and colorful. Their clothing is functional, high quality and fun. They have everything from sports bras, fun designed tanks, skirts, pants, capris and jackets. 

photo credit: Target

Target! I just love target for everything and that includes their fitness clothing. They have a great selection for all types of seasons for great prices. You feel like you are getting a great product for a steal. That is why I love target. They are also really great about keeping up with the color and styles that are in. 

Running Compression Pants from Ross 

Ross and TJ Maxx are another great place to get fitness clothing. You can get some amazing brands such as Nike, Adidas, puma and so on for seriously so cheap you can't even believe it. They are very hit and miss but it is worth a stop to see what they have, because I am sure you will walk away with something that you love from a great price. 

Sporting Goods Store 
 Nike top: Sports Authority  Nike Shoes: Dicks

Of course the sporting good stores such as Sports Authority, Dicks, Big 5, and Scheels will have great fitness clothing that are the high quality and top notch brands. They will last you a long time but while shopping at these places you are going to be spending quite a bit more.
 Costco/Sams Club
Photo Credit: Costco

Costco of all places is a great place to check out for fitness. They usually have some sort of great fitness deal going on. Sweats, sweatshirts, tanks, yoga pants and even shoes are available on a rotating schedule there. If you don't have a costco or Sams club membership make sure to get one. They have some great products for great prices. 

Agnes and Dora

The last company I am going to tell you about is not a fitness company at all they are a fashion leggings company, Agnes and Dora, but I love to wear their leggings to work out in. They have the softest, most comfortable leggings in every pattern you can think of. I love this company because you can dress their leggings up or wear them to the gym depending on what pattern or style you get or how you pair them up. 

These are just some of my favorite places to get my fitness clothing, but what is most important when it comes to what you wear when you workout is that YOU feel comfortable in it, that YOU feel good in it and that YOU what to go and workout when you wear them. What is your ideal or favorite outfit to workout in?

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