Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Swim Suit Season is Upon Us

Its June, which means Summer is right around the corner and when I think Summer the first thing I think of is swimming. Pools, laying out, hot tubs, lakes, the Ocean, all scream summer and all require a swimming suit. Yup, today I am talking Swim fashion, where my favorite places are to get swimming suits and why it is important for you to get a swimming suit that you feel confident and comfortable in.

Albion Fit 
My favorite and go to company for Swimwear is Albion fit. I have talked about this company before in my fitness fashion post and I love their swimming line just as much as their fitness wear. I have never had such a perfect fit in a swimming suit before I owned one of theirs. They are thick, long lasting, very great quality, cute, unique, and the ruching and they fit perfect in all the right places. There is no riding up or falling down, everything stays in place so you can relax swim, run around and just have fun. 

This Antigua Floral pattern high waisted vintage two piece is my very favorite from their new 2014 line. First of all it is gorgeous. I love the vintage look and it is modest and covers just about it all while still feeling comfortable.

The first swimming suit I got from this company was the gown suit. This little number caught my eye right away. I feel like I am wearing a fancy dress in a swim suit. It is so comfortable, its one of the cutest one pieces I have ever worn and all the rushing makes me feel much more confident, especially after having babies. The fabric has a really pretty shimmer to it and the ruffle on the side just adds the perfect touch. They also have this suit in blue, and red.

Then I got this little number and I could not be more in love. The one shoulder style is so much fun and so unique. I get asked about this one every time I wear it. It is just as comfortable as the gown suit and it is modest and fun. This suit is also available in black, blue, green, ivory, animal print, stripes, polka dot, and floral.

Recycle Consign and Design
This charming shop, recycle consign and design, is located in Cedar City Utah and it is full of vintage goodness, and amazing fashion. I wish I would have known about this place when I was living down there, but they also have an online shop, and they have a really fun swim line as well. 

This one piece is another super modest, comfortable and confident style. I love the stripes and the thick straps up top for worry free wear and great support. It is so important to be able to feel comfortable enough in a suit that you can play with your kids, run at the beach, go down a slide, or water ski without having to worry about tugging and pulling every few minutes. You want it to fit so that it is snug in all the right places.

Another favorite from Recycle consign and design is another fun vintage high wasted style. If you like the feel of a two piece, but are still wanting a little more coverage these are the perfect style for you. They have this suit in a variety of colors and patterns.

Lime Ricki 
Lime ricki is a really fun company that was started and is exclusively modest swimsuits with great coverage and super fun style and patterns. 

Another vintage cut one piece that I am so in love with. The mixing of patterns and piping is the perfect combination. If this is not fashion swimwear I am not sure what is.

I love this tanki top not only because it has a fun modern polka dot pattern which is so in right now but I love how unique the top is with the different straps and a fun little flower on the side. This will make you feel fashionable and girlie while you are out in the sun.


I have always found target to be a really great option and place to get swimming suits for an affordable price. The top three companies are a bit better quality and a little more expensive but they will last you season after season after season. Targets are great if you are wanting to change it up each year without it breaking the bank each year. They have a great selection of bikinis, tankinis and one pieces. They also have amazing clearance. I got an adorable one piece on clearance a couple years ago for $7.

Coverups are a great option for when you are at the pool, splash pad, beach, lake or on the boat but aren't swimming at the time. Most of us feel a little more comfortable just hanging out with a little something over our suite while we are chasing the kids around, taking a break to get a bite to eat or cheering on the skiier behind the boat. 

 My favorite cover ups are the rompers. They are so comfortable, cover everything up and the shorts are much more relaxed and casual then a skirt. This cute piece is from Target at only $14

Rash guards are another great way to cover up. My shoulders get burned so east and these rash guards are perfect to protect against the sun. They are also swim material so they could be used as a cover up and also to swim in.

Board shorts are another great way to cover up a little more and are so comfortable to hangout in while getting the kids all wrangled up, playing beach volleyball in between swims or for a quick break and snack. 

Happy Swimsuit shopping. Happy Spring into Summer! 

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