Monday, July 21, 2014

MOVE IT MONDAY #1 {Workout in the Park}

Welcome to Day #1 of my new fitness and health series MOVE IT MONDAY! As I told you last week each Monday I am going to write a fitness/health post. It will either be a workout at home, in the park, at a club gym, crossfit inspired workouts,  a healthy recipe or snack, a fitness tip, a skill spot light, a challenge or even some amazing fitness product review and giveaways. So make sure you come back each Monday to get your workout or healthy living tip. I am so so excited for this series, and cannot wait to bring you along this fitness journey with me as well as hear all about yours. 

As promised from last weeks introduction I told you this would be a fun one that you can bring your kids along with you and you would get in an amazing sweat. Yup the first Workout for this series we are going to the park. All you mamas that say you don't have the time to workout. You do! Find the time. Workout at the Park while your littles play. It is a win win and I am going to show you exactly what you can do. So write this down, bring it on your phone or print it out and bring it to the park with you. Grab a friend and her kids and make it a fitness hangout. Let;s GOOOOOO!!!!

Let's take a closer look at each exercise before we get started....


Tank: Ross || Capris: Flex Till You're Famous ||  Shoes: Reebok Nanos || Bracelet: Crossfit Kimokeo 

Running/jogging is always a great way to get the body warmed up and ready to go. It gets your heart rate going, your body warm and your blood flow going! 

Bridges- Lay flat on your back with your arms to your sides, bend your knees and go up onto your heels. Then you are going to elevate your hips into the air as high as you can go while tightening your abs and bum, go back down and repeat.

Dips- Go over to an elevated surface such as a chair, a car bumper, or stairs. walk your feet out bend your knees then keeping your hips up and your abs tight bend your arms down into a dip. Elbows back until you reach 90 degrees and straighten arms back up, repeat.

One leg Dead/ Scale- start sanding straight up, then like a balance totter as your arms go down to touch the ground your leg will go up in the air, then as your foot goes back down to the ground, your arms go back up, and repeat on each leg.

Step ups- You will simply find a bench, a step, or anything elevated. Start straight up, step up with one leg onto the bench while bringing the other leg along and standing straight up on the bench, step down and repeat on each leg.

A TABATA is a short 8 minute workout of 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest and repeat until the 8 minutes are up. This can be any skill you are wanting to work on. If you are doing two skills you will do 4 minutes of one and then 4 minutes of the other. For this workout you will first do 4 minutes of the wall sits (20 seconds in the sit, 10 second rest and repeat) and then you will do 4 minutes of the plank.


Run for 200 meters- because it is a shorter distance you want this to be pretty fast pace 

25 Pushups- on your hands and toes, core tight bum tucked under and hips in a line. Go down to chest on the ground and push back up.  Make sure your elbow are tucked into your sides as you bend them and not out to the sides. You want your elbow pointing back. 

25 lunges- Start straight up then go down into a lunge with your chest up, your knees bent to a 90 degree angle and your hips and shoulders in a straight line, then push back up to a standing position, switch to the other leg and then repeat.

Weighted lunges- If you are feeling like you want to step it up a notch you can do weighted lunges in place of the regular lunges. The best way to do this at home or at the park is to grab your child put them up on your shoulders and do the lunges the exact same way. The kids have fun and you are getting in some extra weight. 

Repeat Run for 200 meters- because it is a shorter distance you want this to be pretty fast pace

25 pull ups- If you are new to pull ups you can do jumping pull ups to give you a little assistance but they will still work your arms. Make sure you are on a bar that you can touch a little so you are able to jump a little to help get your chin above the bar.

If the jumping pull ups are too easy go ahead and find a bar you can't touch or bend your knees so you don't touch the ground and do your pull ups making sure your chin is over the bar each time. 

crossfit sit ups- This is pretty much just like any other sit up but you are going to bend your knees, open your hips and put the bottoms of your feet together in a butterfly position like the picture above then you will proceed with the sit up until you touch the ground in front of your toes.  Lay back and bring yours arms above your head, then using your abs and pulling your back down to the mat sit up, lay back down and repeat.

Repeat Run for 200 meters- because it is a shorter distance you want this to be pretty fast pace

Air Squats- Start in a standing position with your feet about shoulder width apart. Before you do the squat it is important that when you are squatting down to keep your torso vertical, your weight on your heels, knees push out- tracking over the feet. Then when you squat down you will keep your eyes forward and slightly up, your arms out for balance, and squat down until the crease of your hips are at or below your knee, tuck your bum under and squeeze your abs in,  keeping a good lumbar curve and chest up, then stand back up and repeat.

Weighted squat- If you are feeling like you want to work a little harder you can do a weighted squat in the place of the air squat. You will do the exact same mechanics as the air squat but you will hold your child in front as you do them. They think it is so much fun and it helps to look at their adorable little faces.  

burpees- start in a standing position, bend down to a squat with your hands on the ground, push your feet back into a push up position, go down into a push up, come back up to push up top position, bring your legs back into the squat and stand straight up. Repeat 25 times.

Let me know what you think of this workout. I can't wait to hear how you did. And make sure to pin it so you can find it easily in your files.

Come on this journey with me and better yourself, your body and your mind. Stay active and trust me this is only going to better your life by bringing fitness into it. I will see you again next week with my next "MOVE IT MONDAY" Next week we will be somewhere new.... Until then you can check out some of my other
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