Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween Hurricane Jar tutorial

Do you want to make your own Halloween hurricane jars
for less than $2.50 each?
Well you are in luck because that is 
exactly what I am about to show you how to make

What you will need:

-Wood circle .25 cents
-candle stick $1
-glass jar (variety) $1
-E 6000 glue
-candy to fill them

I got my glass candle stick holders and the glass jars from the dollar store
and they have a variety of styles and sizes of the jars
I got the wood circles from Michael's craft store

Here is what you are going to do:

First you are going to take a wood circle and a candle stick holder

You are going to flip the candle stick holder upside down
and put a ring of E6000 glue along the big bottom end

Then you will flip it back over and put it in place in the middle 
of the wood circle 
then let it dry completely before going on to painting them

Once they are dry you are going to prime them 
then you will Spray paint them whatever color you want
I painted my black

While the paint is drying on the stands
I started working on embellishing the glass jars 
I have a set of three that are going to say "Trick or Treat"
so first I got on my silhouette and cut myself some vinyl
The font of the trick and treat is " Milktop girl" found here size 57.2
and the font of the or is"Ariel" size 72
If you don't have a silhouette you can have someone else cut the vinyl 
for you that has a cutting machine 
or you can use card stock, cut it out and can use glue dots to glue them on

once it was all cut it was time to put it on the glass
so I first put it on transfer paper and then
put it right in place on my jars

Now your glass jars are all ready

Now once your glass jars are completed and your stands are dry
you are going to glue the stands onto the glass jars
You will use the E6000 glue again put the glue on the ring of the stand

and place the glass jar on top 
make sure it is centered and then let that dry

Then it is time to find some Halloween treats to fill them with
(candy corn and caramels both from the dollar store)
I love the treats and the color it brings to them

lastly I added some little spiders I found at the dollar store
and put them on with glue dots

And here is what they look like all together in their place
To get the Burlap BOO Banner tutorial go HERE

I also made two others to put in another place

for the silver and white one 
I took a thrifted candle stick from the DI (already silver)
and using the E6000 glue  I glued on the glass jar
then I glued on some white pearl trim to the top and bottom of the jar
added a little spider and filled it up with some white gum balls
I got this idea from HERE

for the pumpkin filled jar
I just took a candle stick glued it to the tall glass jar with 
the E6000 glue and then 
added the 31 with vinyl using my silhouette
The font was "Goombella" size 231.5 found here
Then I added a bow with some spooky black ribbon 
and filled it up with some real mini pumpkins 

There are so many possibilities
Get creative
Group them together
embellish them and fill them with treats and decor

You can adapt this tutorial to fit any holiday or season
Do you like them???!!!
Would you make some?

If you have any questions at all remember you can always email me
or leave a comment I will answer them all
My Halloween jars are linked up here 
and here

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  1. I love this! They turned out so cute!

  2. Way cute! I think I need to make some to complete my Halloween mantel

  3. These are so cute!! Where do you find candlesticks? I can never find them anywhere, so I'm obviously looking in the wrong place!

  4. I like those!!! All of your halloween decorations look so good together!

  5. Oh my Whit, I have got to do this! I love how you added the wood circles on the bottom. Looks adorable!

  6. Love,love,love! I have to get me some E6000 glue and get to work!

    I'd love for you to share this wonderful project on my link party:

  7. great tutorial! pinned to my pinterest craft board:)

  8. Thanks for sharing! My daughter loves working with glass. I'll show her this DIY. I stopped by from the Pinning party to pin and follow you.

  9. These are adorable! I love the fonts you chose! I pinned this, became your newest follower and I'm going to go download those cute fonts right now! I would love it if you would show these off at my party Tuesday at!

    Thanks...loving your blog!

  10. Shut up!! Those are too dang cute. I am featuring you tonight!!

  11. I just went to the dollar store and bought some candlesticks and candy to make my own tonight! Great idea whit!!

  12. There is no way those are the same jars. I am so amazing by your thrift makeover. So pinning this! I am a new Twitter follower visiting from Pinteresting Link Party. Vicky from



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