Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Photo Gallery Wall

 I finally have my family gallery wall put up in my living room and 
I could not be more in love 
I have two windows in my living room and a closest so there wasn't just one 
wall big enough so I decided to put it in the corner on two walls 
I had never seen this before so I was just praying it would look 
good and I think it ended up pretty sweet 
What do you think?

Here is what I did:

First I have been collecting frames here and there for a while now 
90% of them are from the DI
the white ones are from the dollar store
the wooden ones are from 
and I had a few just laying around
Cheap cheap cheap 

 I didn't care what color they were cuz I am going to be 
painting them so I just wanted them to 
have good bones and pretty lines  
look for different shapes and sizes 
that when painted will look uniform together 

 Next I painted them 
I painted most of them white

 And a few yellow
for that pop of color 
I was looking for to bring out some brightness in the room

Ok so I did have a bit of a disaster and stressful moment
but all was good after a call to my mom 
when I started painting these they were bubbling and the paint was running
make sure when you spray paint the frames 
you prime them then do a light sanding 
and then paint them 
do not skip the priming or you will have to start all over like I did 
take my word for it 
Thank goodness it all worked out after a few tears 

 While the paint was drying I took out my paper and pencil
and started mapping out how I wanted the wall to look
I drew out which frames I wanted where 
and what pictures I wanted to get printed 
in what size and where each picture would go

 This is a great tip:
I traced my frames on some paper and 
taped them up on the wall exactly where I wanted them on the wall
this saved me so much time 
and I have less holes in my wall
I could move them around as much as I wanted without 
damaging the wall until I loved it 
and knew right where I wanted them to go

 Once I knew right where I wanted them to go
it was time to get them up on the wall 
I put the nail in the wall on top of the paper, removed the paper 
and hung up the frame right where it was supposed to go

In addition to the frames
 I added a U that I painted blue and a plaque that I made that says 
to learn how to make one go to my post HERE
 this is a grate phrase and reminder to me everyday  

 Next you need to get your pictures printed and in the correct sizes
I ordered mine from costco and they all turned out beautifully 
and it was so cheap for how many I needed printed

Here it all done frames painted, up and pictures in them
 I have a great mix of wedding, Maddux, family, me and Ty
Now I just need to get some new family pictures taken
and get Holden's newborn pictures up there
now that we are a family of four 

there is it in my whole living room view 
Gotta love the swing as part of my living room furniture haha 
for the curtain tutorial go HERE 
Also my pillow tutorial HERE
and my 4th of July decor HERE, HERE and HERE

If you have any other questions on this tutorial 
Feel free to Email me at

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Happy Crafting 


  1. That is so cute! I'm working on the same type of thing for my living room wall as well :)

  2. So smart and I love the yellow! I've added you to my blogroll at!

  3. We are your newest followers! We found you off of My Yellow Sandbox. Are you in the Phoenix area? That's where I live :) I saw the sweet tooth cupcake, we love their cupcakes! :) Feel free to follow us back

  4. Oh my gosh, LOVE the white and yellow. Seriously SO cute! I just did a wall of pictures that are all gold. Yours turned out SO great!

  5. What a beautiful gallery wall! We'd love for you to link this up to our party!



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