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My Favorite Things 2012

320 Sycamore had a fun "favorite things" Link party idea! I participated last year HERE and in 2010 HERE. It was so much fun in the past why not participate again. I know I am a little late and we are already into the new year I still I thought it would be fun to look back and think of the things I favored the most throughout the past year.

Here they are in no particular order... 
 1. Netflix

Oh my goodness how did I ever live without Netflix? That was a little bit dramatic but in all seriousness I love me some Netflix. It is so worth the small price each month to get unlimited watching time of so much goodness. I watched many shows and movies on here but my favorites from this year are Gossip girl and The Walking Dead. Yes two very very different shows but both amazingly addicting.

 Gossip girl was my guilty pleasure that I watched by myself when hubby studied or read up on sports. I started it this summer and finished it when they aired the final episode a couples weeks ago. This show was so much fun for me to watch, it made me really want to live in NYC. Blair and Dan ended up being my two favorite characters of the whole series. Any other Gossip girl lovers out there? I think I might start it all over and watch it again now that I know who "Gossip girl" is. 

The Walking Dead was a show that Ty and I watched together. I never in a million years thought I would like a Zombie show soooo much but oh my goodness we would watch 3-4 episodes a night sometimes. I just always wanted to know what was going to happen next, who was going to survive and what new characters would come up. It is one of the least predictive shows I have ever seen. It is golden and I highly recommend it. It is a bit gory so if that bothers you, you have been warned.

2. Pitch Perfect

This has got to be my favorite movie from 2012. It is hilarious. Ty and I were laughing so hard we were crying in the theater! The music is awesome and I caught myself dancing and singing in the seat. I wasn't the only one. I got this movie for Christmas and I can't wait to watch it again. If you would like to borrow it or would just like someone to watch it with I am all yours :)


My top favorite song for 2012 is Home by Philip Phillips. Beautifully sung, amazing lyrics, and catchy. I can listen to this song over and over again. Oh wait I do. Download it! You will not regret it. In fact I think I will listen to it right now while I finish writing the rest of my post.

4. Instagram
I was finally able to get Instagram on my android phone this year and it was so exciting. I think I even like it better than facebook. I love to share pictures of my kiddos and things I love but I really like seeing what other people are experiencing and what interests them through a camera lens. I have always loved photography and one day hope to take some classes and get a nice camera. I know instagram isn't professional photos but sometimes the everyday photos that are captured and the true candid shots are just as if not more artistic.

5. Colored Skinnies
I have loved the colored skinnies trend this year. It brightens up an outfit and you can dress them up or they can be totally casual depending on the top and accessories you wear with them. This year for my birthday I got some red and yellow and I also have some black and white ones. I love how they look good with flats, boots, heels and even flip flops. They look good with a basic T or a dressed up blouse. I hope this style continues for a while.

6. Bubble Necklaces
I just think these are so much fun and they accessorize outfits with such a classy look. I have a yellow, red, green and turquoise and try to wear them as much as I can. I have also given some as gifts and the recipients are always so excited.

7. Vaseline Lotion
This is my very favorite everyday lotion. I get super dry hands and put lotion on multiple times a day and I have tried pretty much every kind out there and this is the one that I have stuck with for years. I can get a big pack of them at costco and it last me for like 6 months. It is awesome. This is perfect for the winter months especially.

8. Redken AntiSnap
Throughout the year of 2012 I have been working on getting my hair healthy again. I have bleached and darkened and bleached my hair so many times. It was time for me to get it back to its healthy self. So I chopped it all off in a Faux hawk in January, which pretty much cut off all the damaged hair and I let it grow with only doing a weave of blonde instead of bleaching my whole head. It has grown pretty good this year considering how short it was to start. Party of the process of getting it healthy again was using some good products one of the products I love is this anti snap I put it in my hair when it is wet every time after I wash my hair and make sure it gets all my ends. It has helped so much and keeps my ends from drying out from the color, blow drying and straightening.

9. BedHead SmallTalk
Another one of my favorite hair products is this small talk blah blah it is a cream I put in my wet hair after washing it and it is a thickening cream, volumizer, it helps my frizz and it has nutrients in it.

10. Franklin Planner

I love my planners. Yes, paper planners. I have a smart phone and I love it but for my calendars, appointments and to do list I like to write them down. I know weird but that's just the way I roll. I am excited to get my new one for 2013.

11. Glue Gun
A crafters must have tool. It has got to be one of my favorite and go to items. I use it for at least 90% of my projects and is a must for all of my holiday and seasonal wreaths. My hot glue gun was a life saver during this project especially and it is one of my very favorites. I have this same one and love it.
12. Crafting Vinyl

There are so many great uses for vinyl and not just for sayings on the wall, they are great for stenciling walls, furniture, and decor items, it is also great for seasonal sayings, DIY quote boards, fabric stenciling, T-shirt design, kitchenaid decals and so much more. I love this stuff and they even have magnet and chalkboard vinyl. oh the possibilities, colors, and textures.

13. Cricut Mini
I just got one of these amazing machines this past month. I got to have a lesson from the amazing provocraft company and Nathan and I am so excited to get crafting and creating with it. For sure one of my favorite things this year. Such a fun surprise and such an amazing company to work with.

14 . Gateway Laptop

Ty got me a new laptop computer for our anniversary. Our desk top died and he needs his for school so we have this one for home. I love it and it is so nice to have one for blogging while the kids are napping are asleep for the night and Ty is using his for studying. 

15. Ipad

Love this! I love to use it but I also love it for Maddux. It keeps him entertained in the car and it has fun puzzles and educational games on it. Its also nice at church for scriptures and manuals and gotta love the Netflix app :)

16. Paper Towels
These are kinda my go to every single day item. I know they are not environmentally friendly but I couldn't live without them. Love love love them and much more sanitary than a sponge or rag. Plus I don't have to do as much laundry. They are also a life saver with kids.

17. Nutella

I had never tried this deliciousness until this past year and I am so addicted to it. It is good on graham crackers, with apples, on toast, or I like to just eat it with a spoon sometimes. It is the perfect little treat when you are just craving a little something sweet.

18. Bedtime Lotion
I love this stuff and so do my babies. We put it on Maddux after baths to help with dry skin. And we put it on Holden every single night when we change he into PJS right before bedtime. We give him a little baby massage with it and he loves to have his feet rubbed. So spoiled. It is a yummy lavender smell and it relaxes Holden and helps him sleep for the night.

19. Swaddle Wrap

This thing is AMAZING! We used it with Maddux when he was a baby and now we use it with Holden. Both my kids love/loved to be swaddled and this keeps them nice and snug for naps and bedtime.

20. Carseat Canopy
For sure one of my favorite things and a must have especially with fall/winter babies to keep them snuggly warm and protected from germs. I got mine from Carseat Canopy and it has a cute pattern for the outside and it is grey minky fabric on the inside.

21. Nursing Tank
For sure one of my very favoritest things this year or at least since I have had Holden. It is a must have for every breastfeeding mother out there. It is from undercover mama and it is a nursing tank that hooks to your nursing bra so that you can nurse with any shirt and your tank is covering you back so you are never exposed. I wear one of these under my shirts every day and a nursing cover for the front and that way I am covered and comfortable all around.

22. Double Jogger
I got my Instep Safari Double jogging stroller soon after we found out we were pregnant with our little Holden. It is a life saver to be able to have both boys in it at amusement parks, the zoo, the park and for me to take them on walks in or to go for a run with them. It is perfect, is so smooth to run with and it fits my baby carseat in it so I can have the toddler and baby in it no problem.

23. My Blogs

I love both of my blogs. This Blog A mommy's life with a touch of Yellow I started from nothing to over 500 followers and it has been so much fun to build, connect and grow throughout this year. I started it just for fun for myself and I feel like I am growing because of it and the people I have met through blogging. I love to share my experiences of being a young mom of two boys, crafting, sharing my talents and passions, recipes and whatever else I feel like at the time. I am so thankful for all of my readers, supporters and followers. It is so much fun and I hope that I can grow even more throughout this new year. I am excited to see what 2013 will bring to this blog and what experiences I ill have. Follow me on here and on Facebook.

I also started a brand new blog with some cute friends of mine called Undone. It is the real life of young moms. The joys, the messes, the heartwarming moments, the frustrations, the everyday routine, and what we really wear and on a normal day in our lives. We started it in September and it has been so much fun so far. I really think we have some exciting content and growing that will be going on for us through out 2013. If you don't follow make sure to come and check us out and follow along on blogger and facebook.

24. My Faith
I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) to learn more about my religion you can go HERE or you can email me and I would love to talk to you about my beliefs and answer your questions that I can. I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. I am grateful for my testimony. I am grateful that I was able to serve in the young women in my ward this year and everything I have learned from them so far. I don't know what I would have done with out the knowledge and comfort of the gospel in my life this year or any year for that matter. It has put my life in perspective, it has taught me what really matters in life and it has made me want to be the woman my heavenly father wants me to be. Having the knowledge of the truth is one of my very favorite things that can never be taken away.

25. My Family
My little family is my very favorite thing in this whole world.

I adore my two little boys. Who knew that I would just be wrapped around their little fingers. Holden is such a sweet, happy and cutest little baby I ever did see and he has been such a blessing and amazing addiction in our home and family. Maddux is such a sweet tender hearted caring little toddler. He is grown to be so handsome, strong and loving. I am blessed to be these two little guys mom. Being a mother is for sure one of my very favoritest things.

Watching my husband take care of, love, sing to, play with, read to and laugh with our boys melts my heart.

The way Maddux looks at, holds on to, kisses, loves, takes care of and talks about Holden is the most amazing thing I have experienced and been a part of. They already have a special bond and love each other so much. I am so excited to watch them grow together and watch their bond and friendship develop.

My hubby, Ty, is my favorite. He takes care of me. He takes care of our boys. He loves me. He wipes my tears. He makes me laugh. He understands. He listens. He talks. He is always there for me. He protects me. He stands up for me. He is my rock. He is my love. He is my best friend. He is my eternal companion. I love him forever.

My family Nov. 2012- Married 5 years- Maddux 2 1/2 years old- Holden 2 1/2 months old

Happy New Year!!!!
Thank you for your support, for reading and for following

What are your 2012 Favorite things?

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