Monday, June 24, 2013

Easy Summer Top Bun {Hair Tutorial}

Today I am super excited to be sharing with you one of my very fav and go to hairstyles, especially in the summer time. It is super fast, cute, and perfect for a day on the go or dress it up for a night out with your man.

{What you will need}

-Bobby pins
-A sock bun form {optional} you can get them at walmart, target, H&M, amazon, and any beauty supply store.

{How to do this fab Top bun}

1. Brush through your hair
2. Pull your hair up using your fingers {I like to use my fingers instead of a brush to pull my hair back so it gives it some volume instead of the slicked back look}
3. Secure the high pony with an elastic
4. Pull it tight poofing some of the hair forward again to give it some volume in the front

5. Take your comb and back comb {rat} all the hair. This gives it the full look
6. take your hair and start wrapping it around itself into a bun

7. Hold it in place and grab your bobby pins
8. Start placing them through your bun to secure it in place
9. Once your bun is all secured, if you have shorter hair like me, you will need to secure the back hairs up into the pony
10. Grab the extra short hairs in the back and put a bobby pin through them going upward to hold it in place

And there you have the first way that you can do this Easy top Bun. I love this for swimming and working out or just for a lazy day at the park with the kids. The second way I am going to show you is all the same steps with just a few quick easy additional ones. The second option gives you a thicker fuller bun, best for those with medium and short hair. 

1. After you get your hair in a high pony,  take your bun form{or a rolled up sock} and place it over your elastic of the pony.
2. fan your hair around the form
3. Rat your pony just like the first bun
4. wrap your hair around itself and the bun former and pin it all in place with your bobby pins, then securing the baby hairs in the back

This is just like the first bun with one little extra supply. I have seen when people roll the sock or bun form down the hair, but I like the wrapped look better, it is also easier, faster and those with short hair, like myself, can do this type.

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And it is that easy! Pin it and Go and try it out! Long, medium and medium short hair can all pull this one off. I hope you love it as much as I do.

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