Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mason Jar Picnic

I teamed up with a couple of my awesome blogger friends, Our Thrifty Ideas, Girl Loves Glam and Happy Scraps,  to participate in a product of a month post. This month we were assigned mason jars. When I heard the assignment I was excited to share this fun picnic I did a couple years ago. You can also find my vintage painted mason jar tutorial HERE.

Now onto the fun picnic all you need is mason jars, paper, computer and printer, I used some burlap and bakers twine, some utensils and whatever food you want to bring.

For the main dish I did Beanie Weenies. Easy I just heated them up right before we left and put them in the jars and they were still warm when we got to the park. I attached a fork to the jar with some bakers twine. And Labeled the top just printing it out from my computer and taping it to the lid.

For a side dish I made us each a salad in a jar. I put the dressing in first, then the harder vegetable and then the lettuce on top so nothing gets soggy then when you are ready to eat it just stake it up and it is perfectly mixed and crisp. Again I attached a fork and labeled it. Also I color coded our food. Ty's were blue, Mine were yellow and Maddux was red.

Next I did two jars of cut up cantaloupe for all of us to share.

Then with our drinks I just put Ice and the kind of drink we each wanted in it and attached a cute paper straw.

And very last even the dessert was in a jar. I made a cake in a jar. I simply baked cupcakes and then I cut them in half and then layers cake, frosting, cake, frosting, cake and then topped it with frosting and sprinkles. Attached a fork and oh man was it delicious.

We took it to the park, set out a blanket, took off our shoes and enjoyed the food on a beautiful summer evening.

Like I said we did this two summers ago so yes, that is my little Maddux at one, he is now three. I can't believe how fast they grow. What a sweet boy and it was fun to look back on these pictures and all the fun we had. I need to do this again this year.

After the food, we of course had to play on the slides and swings. Now go and make your own mason jar picnic it is fun for the whole family. Your kids will think it is really cool and it really is so fast and easy.
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