Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What I Wore {Saturday errands in the Fall}

First off, Happy Wednesday we are half way to the weekend wahoo! Second, It is my birthday week and that my friends right there is reason enough to celebrate. I am like a kid when it comes to birthdays, I love them and around here we celebrate birthday weeks. Okay lets be honest I celebrate the whole month of October. This coming Sunday is my actual birthday so of course I have to celebrate it all week if its on a Sunday. And now third, I am so sorry about the not so clear pictures today. Since the hubby has been working a lot it is hard to find time for him to also be my photographer. But they get the point across right?!

Saturdays are errand days, as moms we run errands all week long but Saturdays I always seem to have more. So I guess this post should just be the everyday errand fall look. Not to mention hubby works most Saturdays so it is just a regular old day around this house. The hard part is when I go out on Saturdays and see all the families together with their husband/ Dad it kinda sucks. Wowa sorry about that crazy tangent. Back to running errands,I wanted to share with you one of my favorite looks for those busy days. This is the perfect fall, comfotable and practical yet still styling look when you are on the go.

Shirt // BellaBird Cothing at Walmart 
Polka Dot Jeans // Macys 
Boots // Steve Madden {Macys}
Scarf // gift 

Ikea was one of the many stops this Saturday full of goodies and Sweedish Meatballs for a lunch date! It was perfect. especially because the boys were soooo good. 

Another favorite stop was Material Girls Quit shop for these beautiful knits and Hobby lobby for even more. Can you say HEADWRAPS. Yes I will be selling them. More info to come, but
until then you can contact me now for an order.

Lets be real here for a second, hear me out. I love fashion and have always just kinda done my own thing, just whatever I am feeling that day. I don't have one style I have MY style which can be different from day to day. That being said, I don't have a ton of money to just spend all on clothing either, and really it is not the most important thing. I mean we all need clothes but do we really need that $50 designer shirt, call me cheap or call me smart but I am all about the deals when it comes to fashion. Why not shop the deals? Why not shop the stores with the great prices? For instance these Steve Madden boots I am sportin here, I got them on sale and then used a gift card to buy them. I have been wanting some like this for so long and I am glad I waited until it was more practical for our budget. I mean I'm not saying it is wrong to splurge every once in a while we all do it, but for the most part, here you will find affordable clothing that you don't just lust over but that you can actually go out and buy without feeling guilty after.  You can have style and you can be fashionable without spending a ton of money. I have some really fun fashion posts coming up that you will not believe the prices {leather and printed pants just to name a few}.

These boots are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. I pretty much wear them everyday. Perfect for errands and a casual look and perfect to dress up for date night. Get some! They are on sale right now.

I love wearing scarves to add to those plain tees, it just makes the look more finished not to mention more cozy.

And lastly, sometimes you've just gotta bust out an impromptu HANDSTAND just to feel like your young gymnast self AGAIN. Now for the funny story I think my neighbors think I am totally cray cray. While I was trying to do this failure of a WIW photoshoot with no husband photographer and a self timer, I was like hey I wanna do a handstand {I'm weird}. So I am running to press the camera shoot button then running back to do my handstand in the allotted time before the timer goes off and this beaut is what I got. Not too shabby for an old lady {I turn 27 on Sunday eeek that sounds weird} and it being 9 years since I have competed. Thank you CROSSFIT for making me feel like a gymnast again.
Happy Wednesday
Happy Fall
Happy October 
Smile today it is contagious 
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