Friday, November 22, 2013

Crossfit {At home workouts anyone can do} Part 2 & #noexcuses challenge

It's Friday!!!! So to celebrate lets get that bum of yours into gear this weekend. Why this weekend? Well, why not? It is just as good as any to get going right?! I will answer that for you YES!!!! Plus when its the weekend you can do some workouts with your honey and support each other. That is the best way to workout.

Finally some more workout ideas. I am sorry I know some of you have been waiting and I have so many in the works I promise. Make sure to check out PART 1 for two more at home workouts. I love fitness, but being a mom of two and a husband who works wonky schedules it is hard to find time to go to the gym, so I am going to be sharing with you some at home workouts that all you busy people and all levels out there can do.  I have been doing crossfit and am in love but I know not everyone is able to have a trainer and the equipment live with you {Read about our Crossfit garage gym HERE}  so a lot of the workouts I will be sharing with you throughout this series are adapted from crossfit workouts, so working the same muscles in other ways.

Before each workout it is important to stretch and warmup. To see a warmup sample that we do go HERE.

  Top: Albion Fit- Similar   Leggings: Albion Fit   Sports Bra: Target  Shoes: Nike
Lace Headband: Handmade by me 

I will be posting a new warm up routine in my next workout post, so stay tuned for that. But the one I shared is a goodie and it is sure to stretch you and and warm you up. 

You are all stretched, warmed up and ready to go....

{WOD- Work out of the Day- Sample 1}
5 rounds for Time 
-20 air squats 
-8 dips 
-12 knees to elbow jump 

That just means you will do these three skills 5 times doing 20 squats, 8 dips, 12 knees to elbow {that is one round} and then starting back over to the squats until you do that 5 times. You will time how long it takes you to complete all 5 rounds. Crossfit timed workouts are supposed to be fast, push yourself and get through it as quick as your body will allow. But of course it is always ok to take breaks and make sure to drink plenty of water.Record your time somewhere that way when you do this same WOD again you can see your improvements.

Air Squats- Start in a standing position with your feet about shoulder width apart. Before you do the squat it is important that when you are squating down to keep your torso verticle, your weight on your heels, knees stay out- tracking over the feet. Then when you squat down you will keep your eyes forward and slightly up, your arms out for balance, and squat down until the crease of your hips are at or below your knee, tuck your bum under and squeeze your abs in,  keeping a good lumbar curve and chest up, then stand back up and repeat.

Dips- Go over to an elevated surface such as a chair, a car bumper, or stairs. walk your feet out bend your knees then keeping your hips up and your abs tight bend your arms down into a dip. Elbows back until you reach 90 degrees and straighten arms back up, repeat.

If that is too easy simply straighten your legs so your body is straight doing the same dip movement.

Knees to Elbow jump- This is in place of the knees to elbow or toes to bar on the pull up bar but because not everyone has a bar floating around here is a great alternative. plus you get the added bonus of it working your legs as well as your abs. Jump, bringing your arms down and your knees meeting up with your elbows in a squat or frog position in the air, repeat.

Front view. at the top of the jump where the knees and elbows meet 

And yes I will preach it again, no excuses not even the kids. let them do it with you, they will love it. Anyone can make time to workout. Do it during naps, in the morning at night or do it with your kids. why not? Show them young how important exercising is for their bodies. Let them do it with you. They will love it and you are being a great example and teaching your children all while you are getting in that workout.

{WOD- Work out of the Day- Sample 2}
Strength- if you have a pull up bar 3 sets of 10 pull ups {option 1}
if not 3 sets of 15 pushups {option 2}
- Run a 5k-3.1 miles{option 1} 
-Bike a 10k- 6.2 miles {option 2}
Top: Albion Fit  Leggings: Ross Sports Bra: Nike   Shoes: Nike
Headwrap: Handmade by me
I am a runner, I love to run and it clears my head so that was the option that I went with for this workout. Plus I don't have a bike so I am on the hunt for a used stationary bike or an airdyne for our gym, so if you know of anyone selling one let me know.

And  there you have 2 more workout routines! Make sure to go and check out PART 1  for 2 more workouts, making four routines total that will at least get you started and there are much more to come. Stay fit this holiday season, this new year and start your stay fit for life today!

I have had two babies, I have had injuries,  I have had my weight gain, and struggles to get it off, I have felt defeated, and weak, and I have been busy but then I came to the conclusion that this is important, that is all there is to it, it is important to be fit and healthy for you and your children.

We could always think of a million excuses but I am taking the NO EXCUSES challenge and I hope you will do it with me. I have been posting on instagram of me doing a workout when it is hard and I don't want to but I do, and I take a picture with the hashtag #noexcuses. I challenge and invite you to do the same. I want to see your #noexcuses pictures!!! tag me @whitneyulrich

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  1. Love the photos and this would be a great workout. Perfect timing for no excuses right before Thanksgiving. Lots of calories need to be burned and sanity gained.

    Just followed you on Instagram, too.

  2. Love your work I think this will be good for me.
    Compliance Hong Kong



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