Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ikea Metal Trivets PART 3: Holiday Countdown and Children learning games {studio 5}

I got to be on  studio 5 recently to share my ikea plus ten challenge ideas. I got to choose the item and went with as many projects as I could think of to make with that item that were unique, fun and creative. I thought of 3 different ideas using these Large metal trivets and 3 different ideas using the small version. It was so much fun thinking of new things to do with a boring item that most people would just pass by. I was able to create statement pieces, displays, decor items and even gifts that are being talked about, shared and loved. Check out My first four ideas in PART 1 and PART 2.   Today I am going to be sharing with you the last two of my projects one with the large trivet and one with the smaller baby version, and now between part one two and today's post you have 6 different ideas with one little item from your local Ikea. All six of these ideas will also make great Christmas gifts.

My last idea for the large trivet is a holiday count down. I made mine with leaves for Thanksgiving, but you can easily use the same idea for a Christmas, Halloween, birthday or a countdown to school.

{Supplies Used}

-LAMPLIG Stainless Steel Large Trivet {Featured Item $6.99}
-Primer {Zinsser bulls eye 123}
-Spray Paint {any color you choose} I chose gold to go well with both thanksgiving and Christmas decor
-Electronic Cutting machine or scissors
-Different color cardstock for the fall leaves
-needle and thread 
   {How I Made It}

First, you are going to want to prime this since it is metal. This way the paint will stick to the metal better without it running.

Once your primer is dry, you are just going to spray paint it in whatever color matches your room, or where ever you are wanting this displayed. I painted mine gold so it would go with both the style of my thanksgiving and Christmas decor in my home, since I will be using it for both holidays.

While your paint is drying you can get started on getting your leaves all  ready. I did it the easy way and just used a bunch of leaves I had left over from last years countdown because I made more than I needed. But you will need either an electronic cutting machine and choose different leaf shapes to cut out of different fall leaf color paper. Easy peasy. If you don't have a cutting machine you will find an image online of a leaf print it out, cut, trace and cut from the card stock. You can get the kids involved in this project they will love to help trace and cut. I also think it would be really cute if you have children old enough, have them draw their own leaves and cut them out. This will give it the cute child creativity look to it. I cut 28 leaves for the days counting down to thanksgiving all the way from the first of the month. But it is not to late to do this countdown you can do 12 days until thanksgiving or two weeks or whatever you want.

Now that we have all of our leaves cut out and ready to go. Lets attach those babies to the trivet display. I just took a needle and thread and I thread it through the leaf then tied it to the trivet and I just did this to every leaf. I did 7 leaves on each row.

Then for the countdown you could do a fall bucket list of things you wanted to do or make or talk about each day until thanksgiving. Or for my family we are writing on each leaf each day something we are thankful. This gets us in the spirit of thanksgiving and helps our mood each day by realizing how much we have to be grateful for in this life. 

Next I wanted to share with you my last  idea I made out of the little baby trivets. This was another fun one not only to get the kids involved but to make just for the kids. I wanted to make a fun little learning/matching activity game for my preschooler to practice what he is learning in school. This has been fun to work on together and to see how much he is learning. 

{Supplies I used}

-LAMPLIG Stainless Steel Small Trivet {Featured Item $2.99}
-Primer {Zinsser bulls eye 123}
-Spray Paint {any color you choose}
-either cut out images from a cutting machine, print off clip art of draw them yourself
-magnet roll
-packing tape
-Computer and printer
  {How I Made It}

First of course you are going to prime and paint your trivet using the same techniques as the first five projects. I chose orange because that is my son Maddux's favorite color and I wanted this to be special to him. I will make another one for my little Holden when he gets a little older so they each have their own little game.

While the paint is drying then it is time to make all the little activities. I made mine into a matching game. So I cut out little images and then glued them to a little one inch by one inch square piece of white card stock then I put packing tape on each side and cut the tape to the size of the piece of paper so that it was laminated. I did all sorts of themes. Colors, Family, shapes, numbers, letters, and animals.

I also typed up the theme of that activity and printed it out. Then to both the titles and all the shape cards I added some pieces of magnet to the back making it easy to match up. You could also use the same technique as my mini calendar here and make it more of a flip chart style.

I shared both of these trivet projects together today because they are two item you can make for the kids and to get the kids involved in making as well.  One is more of a decor and family fun item for you and the other can be great for your own little ones or a little Christmas gift. 

Thank you Studio 5 for having me again. It was a blast! You can Check out my segment  below or HERE. Also make sure to check out my first four ideas in PART 1 and PART 2

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  1. How awesome! You're so good at this stuff. I want to play that memory game!! :)

  2. You are genius!! Love all these ideas. So cute!

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