Monday, December 16, 2013

Crossfit {At home workouts anyone can do} Part 3 Plus ALBION FIT WINNER

It is Monday and what is a more perfect day to get your little tush into gear, get a good workout in and start your week off right? So tell those Monday blues to go away and lets get moving and the endorphins pumping. I know I am going to need it. Mondays and I usually are not friends, but if I start it off right we can tolerate each other. I will be working out this morning do it with me, virtually or come along if you want lol.

So today I am going to show you another warm up idea, or freak it could even be a workout it is pretty intense and then I am going to share with you another workout, Modified for home "Cindy".  But first make sure to check out my other workouts and warm ups here PART 1 and PART 2.You can also read about our crossfit garage gym HERE.

{Sample Warm up}- 
Can also be A Workout on its own

First of all let me start out by saying how important it is to start out with a warm up. You want to stretch your muscles and tendons and warm up your body. This will help prevent injuries and get your mentally ready for the workout ahead. So I am going to share with you another one of the warm ups we do. 
-First we start out with a block run. This is just a light jog around our block which is about 1/3 of a mile or about 500 m

-Next up 100 double unders if you can with the jump rope, or 200 singles, but the catch is every time you stop from 0-100 or 200 you have to do 5 burpees. Yeah fun times you will love me for it. 

 -Burpees {these are 5 every time you stop on your jump ropes} start in a standing position, bend down to a squat with your hands on the ground, push your feet back into a push up position, go down into a push up, come back up to push up top position, bring your legs back into the squat and stand straight up. Repeat.

- Box jump/situps combo. 10 box jumps- 5 sit ups every 1 jump. If you don't have a box, jump up on a stool or stairs. For the situps- bend your knees, open your hips and put the bottoms of your feet together in a butterfly position like the picture above then you will proceed with the sit up in this position. Lay back, then using your abs and pulling your back down to the mat sit up all the way to straight back sitting position, lay back down and repeat.

-Bear crawls- 2 laps around the garage. Bend down so feet and hands are planted on the ground with straight legs and arms walk around your garage. Think Mowgli crawl from The Jungle Book.

 -High jumps {10}

-Wall Squats {10}- You want to go up against a wall with your feet shoulder width apart, arms up with your hands on the wall, then you are going to squat down, keeping your chest and hands and inside of your knees against the wall then go back up against the wall, repeat.

 -Leg swings- 10 each leg from the side and 10 each leg front to back.

-Ankle Raises- 20 both feet, right only and left only.

-Next up are some good mornings. These are fantastic at stretching out those hammies, calves, back, abs and pretty much everything else. We use a PVC pipe to do these but you could totally just use a broom stick. You will place your hands about 6-8 inches past shoulder width place the bar behind your head, and resting on your shoulders, then you are going to bend at your hips to a 90 degree angle keeping your hammies tight, your head up and your back straight. This form is very important and will warm you up and stretch in all the right places. Then you will stand back up. And repeat until you have done 10.

-Good morning twist. This is the same start and form as the good morning but you will stay at the 90 degree position and twist your body to the left go back to the middle and twist your body to the right. Repeat until you have done 10.

 -Upright twist. This one you will have the same hand placement as the good morning and have it behind your head. Then you will simply twist from side to side keeping your feet planted in place. Repeat until you have done 10.

-Pass throughs. You will want a wide grip on the stick raising it above your head keeping your arms straight pass through to behind you, rotating your shoulders, then still  keeping your arms straight you will pass back up to over head and back down to your hips. Repeat until you have done ten.

 -Around the world. start with a wide grip, bar at your hips then rotate the bar to the left until it is behind you, then rotate it to the right until it is in front of you again and then repeat until you have done ten.

-Ninja Stretch on both arms hold for 20-30 seconds.

Ok that was kinda a crazy warm up and that is why you could also use that as your Work out for the day. I have and I felt fantastic after.

{WOD- Work out of the Day- Sample 2}
As Many rounds as you can complete in 20 minutes 
-5 handstand pushups or handstand holds
-10 push ups
-15 air squats 

Get your timers out its about speed how many an you get through in that 20 minute time frame.

Handstand hold- Kick up to a handstand against the wall hold and come down repeat 5 times.

OR Handstand pushup- Kick up to a handstand bend arms touch your head to the ground or put a pad there and then push back up using your arms, and repeat 5 times. Keeping your core tight, hips in a line and your bum tucked under.

-Pushups- on your hands and toes, core tight bum tucked under and hips in a line. Go down to chest on the ground and push back up. 

Air Squats- Start in a standing position with your feet about shoulder width apart. Before you do the squat it is important that when you are squatting down to keep your torso vertical, your weight on your heels, knees stay out- tracking over the feet. Then when you squat down you will keep your eyes forward and slightly up, your arms out for balance, and squat down until the crease of your hips are at or below your knee, tuck your bum under and squeeze your abs in,  keeping a good lumbar curve and chest up, then stand back up and repeat.

I hope you are all taking the #noexcuses challenge with me. Keep it up.  We could always think of a million excuses, I sure do,  but I am taking the NO EXCUSES challenge and I hope you will do it with me. I have been posting on instagram of me doing a workout when it is hard and I don't want to but I do, and I take a picture with the hashtag #noexcuses. I challenge and invite you to do the same. I want to see your #noexcuses pictures!!! tag me @whitneyulrich

So now that our WODs are over lets talk what I am wearing. Yes? Ok! My amazing zigzag leggings and go long Tee shirt is from Albion fit, which is my very favorite place to get my workout clothes. I have talked about this company a lot on my blog, and even just had a giveaway with them last week.  I will just say they are amazing quality, great right on style and feel amazing. Everything I own from Albion fit really just fits like it is meant for my body and wears fantastic. These items are going to last you forever. They know what they are doing and you will never want to wear anything else. 

Now lets get to the winner of the $50 to Albion fit Giveaway shall we: The winner is

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Yay Congratulations Kaylynn. You have been emailed, please email me back within 48 hours to claim your prize.. Thank you all who entered and shared it. Thank you Albion. Make sure to check out Albion fit online and at their City Creek Store.

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  1. You are strong, girl! Thanks for the ideas…and speaking of exercise, I should get off the computer and get to it!

  2. Thanks for the workout tips! I need to try some of these - and I'm excited! Thanks so much for the giveaway! CANNOT WAIT!!!

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