Monday, October 20, 2014


Well ladies and gents today is my birthday. I am the big 28 which is pretty crazy I do not feel that old, but even with me getting older and older I  still look forward to this day each year, I count down, celebrate my whole birthday month and I don't think it will change no matter how old I get. I just love it. It is safe to say that My birthday is my favorite Holiday. I love a lot of holidays most of them actually, I love the get togethers with family and friends, the meaning behind them and the traditions. But birthdays are my favorite. As childish or self absorbed as that sounds there is a reason why.

So why do I love my birthday so much? Well first of all it is not just my birthday I just love birthdays in general of my kids, my family and my friends. I genuinely hope that those days for those special people in my life is perfect for them each year. I believe they deserve to be spoiled and celebrated that day each year. It is the one day that is theirs.

Second I love birthday because a birthday to me equals celebrating that person, but not just celebrating them but their life. To me my birthday is a day that I celebrate my life, the fact that I am living, all the lessons, and things that I have gone through and learned so far in my life, and I get to reflect on my past year since my last birthday. Am I growing? Am I moving forward? Am I moving closer to life goals? Am I making a difference? Have I touched someones life? Am I making memories? Have I gone through life changing situations? Have I learned something new? Have I made a new friend? It is such a fun time to reflect and celebrate.

When it is my kids, loved ones, or friends birthdays I want them to know how important they are, but more specifically how important they are to me. How important their life, their love and friendships means to me and what an effect their life has on mine.

So yeah maybe I do want to be a little spoiled on my birthday because well I think I deserve it once a year just like I think you all deserve it on your day! I hope we all let our friends and family know how much their lives means to us on their special day. And I hope that I have touched or helped someone enough that they would want to celebrate with me.

Now the fun part. Since I turned 28 today I am going to share with you 28 random facts about me...some you may know and some you may not.

1. I am a sugarholic (addicted to sugary treats)
2. I own over 30 pairs of leggings. I love to be comfortable but even more I love to have a reason to get dolled up every once in a while.
3. I love the color yellow
4.  I stress and get anxiety about things that are important to me.
5. I fractured my back in three places when I was 17 {hair line fractures in my lower back}. I had to wear a back brace as a senior in school and had to quit my love, gymnastics.  it was kinda devastating
6. I am super grateful I found Crossfit this past year and it is the first thing that has made me feel the way gymnastics used to.
7. I did not like high school, it may have to do with the fact that I was shy and awkward. but  I loved college because I got a fresh start and started breaking out of my shell a little bit
8. I like to be needed, busy and feel like I accomplished something important.
9. Sometimes I care too much for people...that I get anxiety about if I am doing enough for them.
10. I love music and it is seriously the fuel that keeps me going. I can always find a song that relates to what I am going through at the moment
11. I have always been a homebody and my family is everything to me
12. I hate goodbyes, they make me sick to my stomach
13. I really like to be around people. I like to be out and about and crowds. I do not love to be alone. I would rather go out and do something than stay home and watch a movie.
14. I think using power tools and building something is super rewarding and fun
15. I didn't have my first kiss until I was college
16. I have huge goals and dreams but am always nervous to share them, because I am also very ashamed and scared of failure
17. I get embarrassed super easy, my face turns red, I sweat and I hide my face
18. I giggle when I am nervous or uncomfortable
19. I feel like I am still learned how to accept myself and break through my shell even at 28
20. I do not like to cook but I enjoy cleaning
21. Fitness clothing and shoes are my weakness
22. I get very awkward around famous people, but I am not afraid to take a selfie with them.
23. I am kind of hard to get to know. I am awkward and shy around big groups, but can loosen up a little if you get to know me, which takes a while sometimes because I also struggle with accepting that people want to be my friend.
24. I have the sense of humor of a 12-16 year old boy
25.I have a terrible memory. I forget and misplace things and events all the time.
26. I love how strong I feel when I lift heavy weight, it makes me feel like I can take on anything
27. I would rather drive a truck than pretty much anything
28. I cannot wait to be a sports mom. I am super exited for my boys to start playing and being the best cheerleader they could ask for.

Oh and just for extra fun I share a Birthday with Snoop Dogg now known as Snoop Lion!

I hope you all have a beautiful Monday!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I think it's awesome that you enjoy celebrating your birthday and birth month . . . I am definitely the same, and don't think it will ever change! It's a great day to remember how special you are and to truly feel how loved and bless you are as well! Hope you have a fabulous day!!

  2. Happy Birthday a little bit late this is a great post to get to know you

  3. Happy BD dear.... 28 ?! You are so young :)

    Well 7/15/16/21/25 same for me ;)

    I share a Birthday with Lil Wayne!

    Since you are fun of yellow, have a look at this post:



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