Friday, February 13, 2015

All you need is LOVE, Love. Love is all you need

Here is another fun Last minute Valentine project that can be used all year round in your home depending on where you put it and what colors you choose to use. If you are wanting it to just be for Valentines day red and black are really cool (I did one for my friend in these colors and it was really pretty), if you are wanting it for Valentines and your home later you can use more neutral colors like I did here with the grey and ivory, and if you are wanting it for your living room or master bedroom you can use the colors that coordinate with that room in your home. I made mine to be able to use with my valentine decor and also to be able to put in my home at different times of the year. This is another really easy project it takes a little time just because of the time it takes for the paint to dry. I was able to complete this project during nap time one day so it still doesn't take too long and while the paint is drying you can work on other things.

Materials needed 

-Wood pallet {I got mine at the wood connection but you can also make your own- tutorial coming soon)
-Heart and love vinyl (wood connection or you can cut your own if you have a machine)
-Craft paint
-paint brushes
-sand  block
-ribbon (optional)

***All of these items can be found and were purchased at the WOOD CONNECTION
This is not a sponsored post I just freaking love that place and I know you will too

How I made it 

I started out by painting the pallet the charcoal grey color. This is going to be the color you want your heart and love to be. I painted two coats letting it dry between each coat.

Once the paint is fully dry you are going to apply the vinyl to the pallet where ever you want it to go.

Next I painted the ivory right over the top of the vinyl. This is going to be the main color of your project. I painted three coats {since it was a light color covering over a dark color) letting it dry between each coat.

Once the paint was all dry I simple removed all the vinyl and then you will have the heart and love as the grey color from underneath.

Once everything was dry I sanded down all the edges and the surfaces to make it look a little worn and antique. When it comes to painting projects I love to distress them up a little bit.

I love the colors and how I can use this all year round. I think it is important to celebrate love all year round, every day to our husbands, kids, family and friends. I just love the word LOVE that has so much meaning behind it.

I hope you all have a fun Valentines day tomorrow and make sure to tell all those loved ones how much they mean to you. All you need is LOVE,  LOVE is all you need.

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Heart Plaque 

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