Thursday, September 19, 2013

Halloween Project Round up

With Halloween and Fall quickly approaching I am busting my bum to get some really fun crafts, decor and tutorials done to be able to share with you so we can get it all up the first of October. Every year I mention how much I love October and Halloween and this year is so exception, I just get so giddy this time of year. It could be that my birthday is in October, or the fun of dressing up for Halloween, the decor, the fall fashion or all of the above but it is just so exciting.

Like I said I really want to share with you some fun projects I have up my sleeve, but since I am alas getting used to a new crazy schedule it is taking me a bit longer. Hubby is working a wacky schedule and it is throwin off all our groove. So bare with me and I promise within the next two week,s before October, I will have some really fun tutorials and ideas up for you. Until then I don't want to leave you hangin so I am sharing with you the links {to find them more quickly} of some past Halloween projects I have shared so you can get started on the crafting goodness. Sorry about some of the quality of pictures {these are old tutorials} but I promise they are really fun projects that you can all tackle fairly easily.

Vinyl Window Subway Art
I don't have a tutorial for this, but I just simply used my cutting machine and computer software. I used different fonts and sizes for each word, cut them onto vinyl, then applied them to the window in a random pattern to give it the subway art feel 

Glass Jars
Simply use your candle stick holders and glass jars to make beautiful vases that you an fill with pumpkins, treats, or even a glittery skull.

 Easy Barbie Costume {from Toy Story 3}
 Don't mind the chubbiness I had just had a baby 2 months before this yikes.
My family was a toy story theme, woody, buzz, ken and barbie to see our costumes you can go HERE
 My outfit was so fun to put together. I got the matching shirt and leggings to look like a one piece from Wet Seal for only $6 each, then I got the belt and Shoes from the DI for super cheap
they were originally white and I spray painted them pink 
then the leg warmers are actually just socks that I cut to make look like leg warmers 
Then to complete the outfit I have a pink ribbon in my hair 
Pretty good for putting it together myself 
Id say  
Come back for some new and fresh fall/Halloween decor and project ideas. 
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  1. Oh my goodness, you are so darling. I love your Barbie costume!



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